June 7, 2023

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Boxing: Yves Ulysses Phils admits he is “in peace” now

Boxing: Yves Ulysses Phils admits he is "in peace" now

From the beginning, Yves Ulysses Phils brings the author of these lines to order. There is no need to take a service road or long detours to get back to his media break in recent months.

The 32-year-old boxer had absolutely nothing to hide: he took over his business and finally asked for help solving problems that had been holding him back for so long.

Panic and anxiety attacks, ADHD, etc. Ulysses was no longer able to hide and sustain blows when he was in pain – literally and figuratively. Thus, eight months after revealing his last duel and his mental health issues, Montreal is ready to return to the field and discuss the progress he has made since November.

“I am calm,” Ulysses said in a lengthy and generous interview RDS.ca. Just days before the fight with David Theroux this weekend, it will be on display at the Eye of the Tiger Management Event Final on Friday evening in Shavinigan.

“I’m good, because a lot of things have changed in my life. I really faced my problems to better understand the reasons for the panic I had in the past. I wanted to get to the bottom of things and not put them under the rug anymore.

“Too often, I’m told myself I’m going to fix this later. Too often, I’m done nothing to disappoint anyone … and to impress everyone.”

Ulysses clung to the deepest values ​​that animate him: integrity, erudition and respect. There is no question of leaving opportunities to protect each other. He has been working so hard for the last few years that he no longer wants to get out of such a nightmare.

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“After my last fight [en novembre, face à Mathieu Germain], Which is not very important, but I have shown that I am human, he explained.

“In boxing, there is no room for error or emotion. It’s about one Business You are condemned to do good work, where you will be judged according to your final performance. This is also one Business Most people want to believe that you can rely on only one thing.

“If I lose, what will happen to me?” What? Really? When I saw everything I built, it was a long way off. Why so many people partner with me [le projet de gymnase communautaire dans Parc-Extension]? No, I’m not just a boxer …

“Talking about all my problems and asking for help is not a sign of weakness. “

New team

Listening to Ulysses and believing in him, he never expressed the slightest bitterness towards those who had dragged him through the mud for a few years. After all, he was portrayed as the toughest athlete to lead, who did not accept compromises and who was most in love with his style.

A drastic change with the young man who was signed by Interbox almost ten years ago and who could never stop smiling. Odysseus may not be smiling again, but he is adamant that he is not a bad boy. On the contrary.

“At first, I was portrayed as the dolphin of Lucian Butte, and over time, I became a villain, Ulysses recalled, a man who did not respect supporters. I was not ready for this and I liked to be quiet and shut myself up for questions of obedience and respect.

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“But it didn’t work at all and they started pointing fingers at me. Having said that, I always thought it would be good for me to do good around me. And what I said is true …”

Recognizing that there was a break with its past, Ulysses turned to the new team on Friday to prepare for their fight. Exit Reynolds Boisworth. Exit John “Ice Man” Scully. Make way for Giuseppe Mofa and Antonin Chevalier. Lifetime Deputy Claudio Missicia is the only survivor of changes made late last year.

“I have a coach in the United States, but I would love to work with the next generation because they are interested in learning,” Ulysses said. [Giussepe] He wants to make his own mark and not live in his father’s name (Mike Mofa, editor’s note). A month after my last fight we started working together and we immediately understood each other.

“I know someone who is valuable and someone who constantly wants to improve.”

But there is no question of seeing the dual fight against the Therox as one of fitness. Odysseus knew better than anyone that these conflicts of victory were very dangerous. “How do you say it? A lie becomes a recurring truth,” he warned.

“When I was confronted [Ismael] Barroso, everyone told me at the end of his career that he was an old man. He was neglected and had nothing to lose above all else. Everyone knows what happened. “

Ulysses is determined to live in the present moment and see no plans beyond Friday evening. “It’s getting me in trouble. And problems, he’s not wanting anymore.

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