May 28, 2023

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Pascal Burbay condemned the closure of intensive care in Masten

Pascal Burbay condemned the closure of intensive care in Masten

The intensive care unit was closed until the end of the summer due to lack of staff at the hospital itself.

This is a decision that should be reversed, according to MP Pascal Burbe to Matane-Matapedia for the party Cubacois (PQ).

“Ima Imagine, we closed three intensive care beds for two months, and this increases intermittent maternity closures,” he said.

Mr Burube made an official request to Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey so that he could go to us and see the importance of the problem, reassure the population and find solutions.

“A few days ago, dr Antoine Seguin, who is the emergency manager at Matan Hospital, wrote a letter to the Minister, Mr. Burubey. He told him two things: First, we never contacted him for this important decision, but there were solutions, and we could apply them in the coming days to end the intensive care closure. Instead of closing three beds, we were able to close only one. ”

The health minister responded to his respondent from PQ on Twitter, in his message, assuring that staff on the ground had spoken to him about “problems and solutions”.

“I listen to them and I pretend. I’m very worried about shutting down ISs in Matinee like elsewhere in Quebec. [du personnel de la santé]Continuing Minister Dubey has already attributed the emergency closures of other hospitals to the holiday period.

This response did not satisfy the PQ member. “He’s in social media mode. A tweet to respond to such a worrying situation … ”, said Pascal Burbe.

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“There are 730 closed beds in 37 hospitals in Quebec, and this affects Matinee more specifically with intensive care.r If we are contacted, we will make a different decision and we will continue with emergency care … Seguin suggests.

In his area, Mr Burube denied that many mothers give birth within 100 kilometers of their home, which was not acceptable to him.

“There are daily health issues, and I will do everything possible, because we will not live two months without intensive care at Matan Hospital,” the deputy promised.