May 23, 2022

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Training, competition, prevention … The e-Sport Club will soon open its gaming center in Cannes.

Training, competition, prevention ... The e-Sport Club will soon open its gaming center in Cannes.

It is a social phenomenon, which is structured and has already provided world championships for many years, the stars are being followed by millions of people.

Playing an e-sport video game alone or in a team on the Internet using a computer or game console. Today, this discipline is considered a sport, with its training, preparation, codes, and so on.

Training and competitions

Towards Coubertin Stadium, East Grandstand 1st Floor, Room 124, you will find what you are looking for. Or more precisely the new Local Cannes e-Sport Club created in 2018 by Heikel Rezgui. Large sofa space, seats, screens and consoles such as switches, PlayStation etc. “In September, we will be able to accommodate up to sixteen players at a time. “

The young man, who is passionate about video games, has big plans for his club: “We want to train and coach players with the goal of creating teams for different games (Fortnight, Super Smash Brothers, League of Legends, Rocket League, Valent). Not to mention the FIFA Club and the monthly tournaments. We are going to launch a recruitment campaign for all ages, boys and girls. Also, we are going to have a new women’s section. But also other projects in parallel. “

Because Hickel has no shortage of ideas to start various activities in the club.

“We’re going to conduct an intergenerational workshop for seniors to introduce themselves to the club’s young people. An e – Health workshop to improve social skills through video games for children with autism.

Games and prevention

Currently the club has amassed fifty followers with the goal of reaching about a hundred members.

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“Geeks” can do all this, but Haikel wants to clarify a number of things: “We want to make players aware not to play too long in a row. It is energetic and bad for your health. It’s better to play three times a day than once every six hours “! At the club, we want people to meet and share their passion, because when they play online, there is a risk of social exclusion.