November 29, 2023

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67 867 million data center to open in Lewis

67 867 million data center to open in Lewis

The first phase, expected to be completed by the end of 2022, will involve the construction of a strategic infrastructure Spine Center. The latter can serve companies that need high-performance computing servers, especially those that thrive in the field of artificial intelligence.

According to Martin Bouchard, President and Co-Founder of QScale, it will become one of the most important energy recovery data processing centers in the world.

Lewis will be the main and starting point of ambitious vision for Quebec. This is what we want to make profits across our beautiful province. , He said at a press conference attended by three ministers from the Legalt government.

Martin Bouchard founded Quescale in Quebec in 2018.

Photo: Radio-Canada

The company has entered into an agreement with Hydro-Quebec, under which it will be able to supply its processing plant from a power capacity of more than 140 MW. At the edge of technology.

The Quebec government, through Investment Quebec, will invest 90 million in the center in the form of loans and a stake in the company.

Deszardins Capital will invest $ 60 million in the project. Various private investors from Quebec will invest a total of 45 million into the venture.

Growing global demand

Finance, Finance and Innovation Minister Eric Girard has indicated that his government investment will enable Quebec to integrate the information technology sector.

The project is responding to a rapidly growing global need due to the amount of data generated by mobile applications and new technologies, including artificial intelligence., He insisted.

Eric Girard at a press conference.

Minister Eric Girard hopes the Quebec project will integrate Quebec’s digital technology.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Food component

Restoring the heat generated by many servers also allows the creation of greenhouses to be built near the technology complex.

Once the project is fully realized, the company, founded in 2018, expects to produce 2,800 tons of berries and more than 80,000 tons of tomatoes each year.

Sketch of QScale Company Data Center Project.

The data center project represents an investment of 67 867 million.

Photo: QScale

Agriculture Minister Andre Lamontagne recalled that his government launched a strategy last fall Aggressive To double the area under cultivation in Quebec greenhouses. The QScale project contributes to this.

This is a strategy initially aimed at attracting people who are already greenhouse breeders and want to expand later, but naturally, we want to [aussi] Provokes interest in attracting new producers , Said Mr. Lamontagne.

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