May 23, 2022

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Big cleaning around Anglade!

Big cleaning around Anglade!

It is often said that nothing happens in politics in July.

But at Dominic Anglade’s PLQ, things are moving … towards the exit.

Very correct?

In recent weeks, exits have increased.

Patrick Derry was hired as a “consultant with a strategic advisory mandate” to the chef in March.

Since the outbreak began, Dury, among other things, has been describing the situation through his daily publications on Twitter. The “Public Policy Analyst” often criticized Legalt’s actions.

In late February, around Anglade, they told me: “We liked his tweets, so we hired him. However, the boss “refrained” Dury for accusing Horacio Arududa of being “unscientific”.

On Saturday, Dury revealed that his “adventure with PLQ” on his networks was over: “My order has expired and I like to start new projects.”

Some at PLQ found this to be quite appropriate. He defended himself against it, but his past at the Montreal Economic Institute left an impression on him. This is despite his serious attacks on Eric Duheim’s conservatives.

Is there more on the left side?

Other Exit – I hit a word on Saturday -, This is Jerome Luzier, the “Head of Thought” of Anglade, Director of Policies in September 2020. This is the nationalist turn that the lawyer and former columnist, former coquist (2012-2013), is preparing to quit Legalt.

Lucier, on the other hand, is desperately striving for complex progressivism in the PLQ. He described himself as a “Quebec pawn in solidarity with PLQ”. But in the eyes of some it went too far. Described as a genius, he earned the respect of many, but led to clashes with PLQ elected representatives. One source emphasizes that “beautiful ideas must be translated into politics.”

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In fact, on May 21, many activists and members of the Liberal Party were shocked when Dominic Angled demonstrated his “new liberal economic vision.”

The Prime Minister, in view of her concept of “gross national product”, assists green companies in redistributing profits to employees.

Companies that block this vision are no longer welcome. Former Finance Minister, Carlos J. Leto, along with Anglade, made it clear: “Dominic and I were under pressure when we were in government: ‘Give it to me, otherwise I’m going.’ I want you to go then, “Do you want to go? Farewell! ”

This is “ Farewell , Many liberals did not digest it. “Franకోois Legalt is already making fun of the alleged PLQ-QS convergence! Not only is Leto multiplying these kinds of cookie-cutter declarations, he has always been the face of the austerity of the Coillard era.

Since mid-June, a large house has been going on around the liberal leader. Its chief of staff, Vanier, was replaced by Valerie Rodriguez, a former member of parliament, a product of the Liberal Seraglio.

Internal elections represent the worst. 8% of voting intent francophones. Temporary Pierre Arcand works better with PLQ Anglade than when it was in its head! These figures make it almost impossible to recruit strong candidates; And declare the loss of fortified castles.