May 27, 2022

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Euro racist insults: rasphord “He who does not apologize”

Euro racist insults: rasphord "He who does not apologize"

London | England striker Marcus Rashford, who was subjected to racist insults on social media after losing to Italy in the Euro final, apologized on Monday night for missing his shot on goal, but he … no [s’excuserait] He can not ever know. “

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“I am Marcus Rashford, a 23-year-old black man from Whitington and Whitenshaw, south of Manchester. I do not have nothing, I have a “touching the Manchester United star wrote in a post on Twitter.

He was dropped from the target words about his mental state, social networks, racist insults, jadon Sancho and his colleagues are also victims bukayo enough, during the penalty shootout, also black, and failed (for Italy, tab 3, 2), the defeat of England, which shut down (at the end of extra time 1 -1).

“The penalty shot was the only contribution I made to the team I was asked to do. I can score even when I’m asleep … so why not?”

“I did not think about it from kottinappati the ball, and there are no words to describe how I think. […] I can say sorry. I like to go differently, ”he continued.

In Whitington, a mural of Marcus Rashford is covered in racist graffiti.

“You have the whole day with my performance, to criticize, my shot was not enough to soak it should be, but I know I will not be an apology”, the player started, the black and white fresco of the photo also tweeted, the graffiti in English flags or colorful messages is covered, often Is heart shaped.

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Proud of being part of 55 years, made the final selection of the first English Marcus rasphord “said vidadiyaranidiga […] Brotherhood ”which now binds him to other internationals.

Online players over the years, the victim of racism in England on Monday, Saka, Sancho, rasphordnu unanimously condemned the targeting of Racial Slur. During the Euro, the Three Lions kept their knees on the ground to denounce racism, an attitude that was widely commented on and sometimes criticized in England.

After the police investigation is the latest wave of racist insults.