May 22, 2022

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France re-imposes sanctions on Delta variant – The Wall Street Journal

France re-imposes sanctions on Delta variant - The Wall Street Journal

Paris – Only people who have been vaccinated or recently tested for Kovid-19 are allowed in bars, restaurants and shopping centers France Since August, President Emmanuel Macron said Monday that the spread of the virus across the country will increase.

The new restrictions also apply to trains, domestic flights, theaters, amusement parks, concert halls, hospitals and retirement homes. He said authorities would tighten border controls this week and impose restrictions on travelers from dangerous countries.

These measures will have a negative impact on the tourism sector France, One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world The number of foreign visitors began to increase.

Rapid spread of the highly contagious delta variant Is forcing authorities across Europe to re-enforce sanitary measures to stop it. After easing them a few weeks ago, the Netherlands announced restrictions on nightclubs and music festivals on Friday in response to a pickup of cases. In France, National control and mass vaccination campaigns have slowed the spread of the virus this spring.

But the Delta variant is now threatening to overturn recent progress in the fight against the virus. After dropping from more than 42,000 in mid-April to less than 2,000 in late June, seven-day new daily cases have started to rise again in recent days, reaching nearly 4,000 on Sunday.

“If we do not take action today, the number of cases will continue That will inevitably lead to an increase in hospitalization by August, ”Macron said in a national televised address on Monday.

Kovid-19, also known as Delta, is found in at least 60 countries, including the United States, and has the potential to spread worldwide, Kovid-19 Genomics UK president Dr Sharon Peacock told WSJ’s Betsy McKay at WSJ Tech Health. Event. (Video 06/09/21)

The number of new hospitals and the number of daily deaths are very low France. But the slowdown in vaccination in recent weeks has raised concerns among doctors that vaccines could not prevent a new wave of infections this summer.

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More than 53% of the total population France According to the French Ministry of Health, at least one vaccine has been injected and 41% of French people have been fully vaccinated. However, the number of first daily injections of the vaccine has been steadily declining in recent weeks, as some sections of the population, including health workers, are reluctant to be vaccinated.

Mr Macron said on Monday that the vaccine would be mandatory for health workers and other staff in hospitals and nursing homes on September 15. Less than half of health workers France Vaccines are given, according to health officials.

Beginning this fall, people will also have to pay for the Kovid-19 exams if they do not have a medical prescription, but the vaccine will be free.

Vaccination of the entire population may be mandatory at some point, Macron said. “When science gives us ways to protect ourselves, we have to use them,” he said.

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