May 21, 2022

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Green Party of Canada | Authorities want to stop funding the Annami Paul campaign

Green Party of Canada |  Authorities want to stop funding the Annami Paul campaign

(Ottawa) Leading members of the Green Party of Canada want to cut off campaign funding for leader Annami Paul, who hopes to win a seat in the lower town of Toronto in an election later this year.

Christopher Reynolds
The Canadian Press

The four party factions, which requested the exile because they did not have the authority to speak publicly on internal matters, introduced a motion at the June 29 Federal Council meeting to retain the $ 250,000 previously allocated for M’s campaign.To me Paul at the Toronto Center.

The Canadian press received a copy of the motion, which stated that the planned transfer of funds should be canceled “until the Green Party informs the Federal Council of the financial situation of Canada.” The motion will be voted on at the party’s federal council meeting on July 27.

Douglas Tinge, the party chairman who controls the political activities of the political party, declined to comment specifically on the details of the motion, arguing that it was a secret.

Tinge said in an email response Monday that the party is committed to supporting the Toronto Center in the upcoming election “for its (best) understanding”.

Annami Paul, who did not have a seat in the House of Commons in the by-election to replace former Finance Minister Bill Morneau at the Toronto Center last fall, came in second behind Liberal Marcy Ian. Mr. in the 2019 general election.To me Paul came to 4E Rank in the same constituency which is considered a liberal stronghold.

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Crossing the move means his team will have less money to spend on advertising, research and human resources.

Half of Greens employees, including all staff in the chief’s office, were following the layoffs last week. The party has been embroiled in internal strife in response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The controversy led to the resignation of New Brunswick MP Jenica Atwin, who joined the Liberal government last month.

There are only two elected members of the Green Party in the Commons, including former leader Elizabeth May.

The party and those in the interim presidency and general management did not respond to our requests for comment on Monday.

Annami Paul, who has led the Green Party for nine months, will face a no-confidence motion from the Federal Council on July 20. With the support of one-third of the members of this motion council, the leader must submit a no-confidence vote to all members of the party in the general assembly next month.

At that point, the grassroots activist will have to make a decision on Om’s futureTo me Paul.

According to a report released last week by the head of the Fund for Green Finance of Canada, the imbalance in the party’s financial situation will also weaken the performance of its operations.

“Our current financial situation is unsustainable,” wrote Douglas Tinge.

The report reveals that the Greens have been spending more than their earnings since the new fundraising board was elected in February. For example, expenses exceeded gross income of 5,000 105,000 in May and 3 103,000 in June.

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According to Mr Tinge’s report, this imbalance can be explained by the decisions taken in 2019 and 2020, more specifically about retaining staff after the 2019 election.

Elizabeth relinquished her leadership position in November 2019 and appointed Joe-on-Roberts as interim successor until the appointment of Annami Paul in October 2020.

This financial crisis is erupting despite increased funding under Mr.’s leadership.To me Paul. The party was able to raise $ 677,500 from 8,300 donors in the first quarter of 2021. This is a significant increase from the approximately $ 577,600 raised from 8,200 donors the year before, according to figures made available by Elections Canada.

The temporary reductions announced last week are aimed at reducing human resources costs, which account for 70% of Green Party spending.

The party recognizes that these removals will have a significant impact on its ability to support its candidates and constituency associations across the country. That is why we want to repatriate the staff as soon as the financial situation improves.