June 26, 2022

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Ultra-Conservative American Sacha Baron loses defamation suit against Cohen

Ultra-Conservative American Sacha Baron loses defamation suit against Cohen

Former Ultra-Conservative magistrate Roy Moore has been acquitted by a U.S. judge on Tuesday in connection with a fraud case against British actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who is best known for his role in “Borat”.

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Roy Moore was awarded $ 95 million in compensation for a trick interview aired in 2018 on Showtime and CBS.

In the sketch, Sacha Baron Cohen interviewed Roy Moore, posing as Erran Morad, an Israeli counterterrorism expert.

During their conversation, in front of the camera, it triggered a machine created by the Israeli army to detect pedophiles. When Roy Moore went ahead, the machine immediately started beeping. Realizing he was trapped, the former judge shortened the interview.

In 2017, while campaigning for the Senate position in Alabama, several women in the press accused Roy Moore of sexually abusing them in their thirties and they were minors.

The former judge claimed that he was defamed by the sketch and that he and his wife suffered from it.

The New York court rejected his request, specifically arguing that Roy Moore had signed the consent agreement prior to the interview, thereby waiving his rights.

In a 26-page document, the judge specifically stated that “this is clearly a joke.”

“Audiences of the show may not think that the scene where Judge Moore activates the device that detects pedophiles is based on any real basis,” he said.

“Sorry Roy. Good effort, ”Sacha Baron Cohen tweeted maliciously, including a link to a video of the interview and saying it was a“ good day to enjoy again ”.

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Roy Moore’s lawyer said his client plans to appeal the ruling.