May 25, 2022

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Governor General and French | Dozens of complaints to the Official Languages ​​Commissioner

Governor General and French |  Dozens of complaints to the Official Languages ​​Commissioner

(Ottawa) The Office of the Official Languages ​​Commissioner in Canada has received nearly 200 complaints regarding the appointment of Governor-General Mary Simon to speak French.

Melania Marquis

Melania Marquis

“We have received nearly 200 complaints so far regarding the appointment of a new governor-general,” said Andrew Laport, a spokesman for an independent agency in parliament, in an email on Wednesday.

For privacy reasons, she did not want to specify whether some of these complaints would lead to an investigation by Commissioner Raymond Theberge’s office or what sections of the Official Languages ​​Act would be enforced.

“We need to determine the merits of every complaint that comes to us about the appointment of the Governor-General, so at this point we cannot confirm whether they are acceptable, whether we are investigating or any part of the investigation. Law Will be targeted, ”said M.To me Laport.

On the day of Mary Simon’s appointment to speak the Moliere language, the commissioner congratulated her on Twitter, at the same time saying, “Like many, I have noticed.To me Simon does not speak French ”.

Mary Simon, a former diplomat with a long track record, speaks English and Inuktitut. At a press conference set to announce her appointment on July 6, she vowed to take French lessons.

He will officially enter on July 26th.

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