February 23, 2024

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Green Party | Chef Annami Paul is the first step towards membership card suspension

Green Party |  Chef Annami Paul is the first step towards membership card suspension

(Ottawa) In the latest development of a feud threatening the Torontonian leadership, Green Party leaders have taken the first step to suspend party leader Annami Paul’s membership card.

Christopher Reynolds
The Canadian Press

Dana Taylor, the acting executive director of Greens’ main governing council, has launched a review on the party leader’s membership, saying it would suspend Annami Paul’s status and prevent him from representing the party during this period. The Canadian press gave them anonymity because they had no authority to speak openly on internal matters.

As stated in the Code of Conduct for Membership, this process could eventually lead to the complete withdrawal of Annami Paul, making it impossible for her to lead a political party that no longer exists, until this year’s federal election. .

At a special Federal Council meeting Tuesday evening, Dana Taylor announced that a review would take place. Sources said Annami Paul, who is part of a 13-member team, was not invited to the virtual meeting.

The reason given for such a review was that Annami Paul had initiated legal action against the party, alleging that officials close to the leader were controversial. The Code of Conduct states that legal action by one of its members against the Green Party of Canada will automatically trigger a review led by the Board Executive Director.

The three parties stated that the court hearing mentioned in the membership review was related to a retirement and retirement letter sent by Annami Paul’s legal adviser to one or more members of the Federal Council. It is unclear the details of the letter and whether it will lead to legal action against the party – and therefore whether they are subject to review.

Both Dana Taylor and party spokeswoman Rosie Emery declined to comment, with Annami Paul not available immediately on Wednesday.

A months-long membership review between different factions of the party, on differing views on how the party and its leader should respond to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Annami Paul, who has led the party for nine months, will face a no-confidence vote from the Federal Council on July 20 in a separate process from the membership review. The no-trust proposal requires the support of three-thirds of the vote across the party in a general assembly next month, where the base can rule on the Annami leadership.

The party leadership recently decided to suspend funding for the Annami Paul campaign trying to win a seat in downtown Toronto and last week suspended half of the Green Party employees, including staff in the chef’s office.

All of this comes as the party recovers from the fact that New Brunswick MP Jenica Atwin left the Greens with two seats in the House of Commons to join the Liberals from the Greens last month.

Last month, Annami Paul attacked party leaders after an impeachment attempt alleging “racism” and “sexism” in a letter received by the Canadian press. She was the first black woman to lead a federal political party in Canada.

Membership in the Green Party may be terminated by the board members present at a meeting following a review of the Code of Conduct. Annami Paul, as a member of the Federal Council, is not allowed to participate in the negotiations, the regulations say.

The membership fee will be suspended until the matter is resolved. 30 days for a member to prepare his defense before party officials after being informed about the review.

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The council is currently in the period of elections, and most of the current body will be renewed from August 20. This leaves enough time for leaders as members of the Green Party to vote on their leader status, after which Annami Paul’s month-long defense period takes place before they leave their seat on the board.

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