May 23, 2022

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In tears, Britney Spears calls again to lift her guardianship

In tears, Britney Spears calls again to lift her guardianship

(Los Angeles) “We’re moving forward! “: Britney Spears on Wednesday hailed a victory in her fight to lift her guardianship, a judge who empowered the pop queen to elect her own lawyer for the first time, accused of revoking the measure, which would have lost much of her autonomy.

Andrew Marcel
France Media Agency

For the first time since its inception – thirteen years ago – this training is being conducted primarily by her father and she is competing more intensely, commentator Toxic And Sin again His horizon looked bright.

“We’ll go guys … we’ll go,” he greeted the star on Instagram, drawing cartwheels on the lawn during the ceremony.

The Los Angeles judge, who is responsible for deciding whether or not to include Britney Spears in the custody action, authorized the singer on Wednesday to choose a lawyer to defend her in the process, which she has so far been unable to do.

Photo by Chris Pizzello, AP

Matthew Rosengart

Matthew Rosengart, a lawyer for other Hollywood stars such as Sean Penn or Steven Spielberg, now represents the artist.

He immediately indicated that the singer’s father, Jamie Spears, was planning to file a petition “as soon as possible” to no longer have control over his daughter’s property.

“Kill me”

The 39-year-old singer was placed in the regime in 2008 and went to hell after being widely publicized at the time.

Circumstances are so tough and decisions about her are especially made by her father Jamie Spears that she has had a difficult relationship with him for a long time.

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The star, who spoke at the inquest by telephone on Wednesday, said the latter also wanted an “investigation” or “protection order” against them.

In tears, she pleaded with the judge to end this “abusive custody” until she told the court at one point that “they are trying” [la] Kill ”.

The blast given by the singer in late June was similar evidence to the request and provoked new enthusiasm in the case. “Traumatized” and “depressed”, she said, was prevented from making decisions about friendships or financial matters, and that she could not have her IUD removed when she wanted more children.

Britney dit #freebritney

Beliefs that have garnered huge support in the pop world, from her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake to Christina Aguilera or Madonna.

The #FreeBritney campaign (#LibrageBritney in French) orchestrated by some passionate fans on the street and on social networks has been revived. Hundreds of them gathered in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday, but they held support rallies in New York, Phoenix, London and Washington.

“Thank you to my fans for supporting me,” the singer said on Instagram using her fan’s #freebritney hashtag on Wednesday.

From the superstar’s repetitive speeches, many characters have distanced themselves at the heart of this complex and controversial system.

Lawyer Samuel Ingham, who was assigned by the court to Britney Spears just months after the shaved star attacked the paparazzi in 2007, has called for his removal.

The financial management company that was supposed to take control of Britney Spears’ fortune jointly with her father Jamie did the same.

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The judge responsible for the case confirmed two requests on Wednesday.

Larry Rudolf, longtime artist manager, also left the ship.

“Why did Mr. Spears not retire?” “, Britney’s new lawyer launched. “He has nothing left in this training.”

For her daughter, “I have been attending 24/7 for the past 13 years” her father’s lawyer says he will not retire voluntarily.

Will Britney Spears regain full control of her personal and professional life? The judge has not yet gone as far as to say.