May 27, 2022

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The tram eventually takes 4th Avenue in Limoilou instead of 3rd

The tram eventually takes 4th Avenue in Limoilou instead of 3rd

The city of Quebec decided to take the tramway route in Limo between Saint-Roach and de Estimoville and chose to drive through 4 railsE Avenue.

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The news spread on Tuesday evening The sun. Newspaper Verification of the information was obtained from a source close to the case. Hence the priority to travel on city 4E Avenue, residential, rather than 3E, More commercial.

She should announce her colors this morning in a closed session with project director Daniel Janest. This will be followed by a press conference attended by Quebec Mayor Regis Labyum and two Vice Chairmen of the Executive Committee, Mary-Josie Saward and Remy Normand.

Environment Council

4 optionE Avenue goes against the priority set by the Neighborhood Council in May. He chose 3E Avenue. “We are of the opinion that if we try to connect the heart and lighthouse artery in our district, this opportunity will be more interesting and more transformative for the district,” President Raymond Poyer explained.

However, the Society de Development decided in favor of a path in Trade 4E Avenue.

Its general manager, Isabel Madrid, said she feared the event would lose its professionalism and arterial consciousness if it aired on the 3rd.E.

At the Quebec mayor’s office, when press secretary Franకోois Moisసాn was contacted by phone on Tuesday, he declined to confirm the information.

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