March 27, 2023

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“The vaccine contains RNA, the virus contains fifty”

"The vaccine contains RNA, the virus contains fifty"

A physician could not understand why so many people, especially young people, were prevented from receiving their COVID-19 vaccine as the Delta variant spread worldwide.

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People infected with the Delta variant should be persuaded to be vaccinated because “100% of unwanted people catch it,” said Dr. Eli Haddad, head of the pediatric immunology and rheumatology department at CHU Saint-Justin, who was interviewed by LCN. .

For those who are afraid of messenger RNA vaccines, Dr. Haddad replied that there is far more RNA in the virus than in the vaccine.

“The vaccine contains RNA, RNA, which is a virus, but there are fifty RNAs in the virus. So people who are worried about the vaccine, because they are not vaccinated, they catch the virus and they get even more RNA, ”he explained.

He adds that RNA’s fear is “not meaningful”.

“It simply came to our notice then. It makes no sense to worry about this RNA because if we are not vaccinated we will catch it due to infection. And when you catch it, in most cases it is good, but in minority cases it can take serious forms, ”said the doctor.

Message to young people

Dr. Haddad is particularly interested in sending a message to young people who believe they do not need to be vaccinated because they have not developed severe forms of Kovid-19.

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“If we do not get vaccinated, we will catch it and when we catch it, do not think it’s so easy.

The doctor at Saint-Justin Hospital also noted that people have similar symptoms in response to the vaccine, which they have in response to the virus.

“People believe they are invincible and above all, if the virus does nothing for them, the vaccine will do nothing for them,” Dr. Haddad said.

Collective immunity

If most people are of the opinion that vaccinations are not necessary, because the Province ensemble achieves immunity, Dr. Eli Haddad adds one exception.

“No matter how contagious the virus is, the percentage of patients must be high to achieve group immunity. With so much stickiness, 95% of people have to hold on to it. So it is more contagious, vaccination is very necessary, in fact, we changed the model with this new variant, ”said Dr.

He said that if more people are vaccinated, you are less likely to see new variants.