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How to tell if a New Online Casino is Legit?

In the past few years, the world of online gaming has exploded beyond comprehension. The choices that you have today are more than ever, and you no longer have to haunt those overcrowded, smoky casinos. Instead, you can discover online casinos and start playing from the privacy and comfort of your home.

study from KMPG has also found that online gaming is progressively and positively transforming the model of the gambling industry. Even though legislative and political restrictions exist, the online casino market is producing worldwide revenue and ripe for taking over more geographic regions where governments are becoming receptive to online gambling.

If the sound of Canadian online casinos has piqued your interest and you’re wondering what to consider when selecting a gambling site, take a look below at the signs that show an online casino is trustworthy and legitimate. Some of the red flags to be aware of are also mentioned.

Before going over the tell-tale signs of a legit online casino, do take a look below at some of the online casinos in Canada that you can consider because they’re established and reputed. It will be a good place for you to start.

The Newest Online Casinos in Canada that are Worth Checking Out 


According to this list of new online casino sites in Canada, some of the biggest names that you can check out right away are –


  • Casino Gods – Gods might not have had any part in creating this online casino site, but it is a true pleasure to be a part of Casino Gods if you enjoy gambling. The navigation and layout are user-friendly, and there aren’t any flashy images or ads that might hurt your eye. The overall design is chilled out, which makes it a real treat to spend relaxing hours gambling. Also, the platform offers a welcome bonus and has a comprehensive selection of slot games.
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  • PlayOJO – For several years, PlayOJO has held its position as one of the top-rated online casinos. This is because the platform is highly reputed and trusted while offering a safe and fun user experience. The welcome bonus is attractive, withdrawals are quick, and there are 100+ games to choose from! No wagering requirements and the futuristic-looking user interface are huge perks drawing people who want a new gambling experience.


  • Kassu – Kassu Casino is a fun online platform where you can spend hours killing time or when you feel that Lady Luck is shining on you. It offers a user-friendly layout and cartoonish design. The online casino offers free spins worth $1500 that are accumulated over a few days. In addition, there are various bonus offers that players can claim on different days of the week.

Tips to Recognize a Legitimate Casino Site

Now, let’s take a look at how you can separate the wheat from the chaff to identify legitimate online casinos.

  • Keep an eye out for necessary documents 

Legit online casinos are licensed and registered. Thus, you can easily tell that you are dealing with a reliable online casino site based on how eager they are to provide their license and registration information to the users.

When a website is legitimate, there’s nothing to hide. So everything is going to be transparent where legal documents are concerned. Such platforms would even display the information for users to verify and get the assurance they require to start online gambling on a particular website.

  • Easy and quick withdrawal methods 
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Whenever you visit a new online casino, check the withdrawal methods that the casino offers. It would be best to look for online casinos that allow you to withdraw your winnings as painlessly and efficiently as possible. If the site unnecessarily makes it hard for the users to take out their money, it is probably dubious and one that you wouldn’t want to associate yourself with. So steer clear of such online casinos.

  • Account registration requirements are reasonable 

As you know, casino sites involve real money. For this, new players would typically have to go through a 2 phase registration process.

The 1st phase involves registering with the casino itself, and here, players would be required to provide their email address, full name, home address, username, and phone number.

The 2nd phase involves depositing money into the account of the online casino for gameplay. Here, you might be requested to produce additional documents to verify your identity. Fret not. All of this will be done through the encrypted platform of the casino.

The critical thing to remember here is that legitimate and safe online casinos require information only once, and it is saved in their system. But, the casinos that cannot be trusted would ask for such details and verify documents multiple times. Moreover, they may even make new players transfer sensitive documents in an unencrypted and unsafe way – a huge red flag.


  • Fair gaming practices 

If you’ve visited casinos before, you know that you will not win every time. To make sure that the games are based on genuine skill and luck, legit online casinos use a special RNG or random number generator software. This ensures that the results of the games are always fair and completely unexpected. However, malicious online casinos do not employ this technology, and the games are rigged from the get-go.

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  • Friendly and helpful customer support 

At a trustworthy online casino, you’ll find customer support that is helpful and willing to offer any assistance that you may require. The representatives would be available around the clock to assist players until their problem has been resolved, give fair warning before suspending or closing an account, and so on. But, the untrustworthy online casinos usually use bots, and you may never get hold of an actual customer service representative.

In the current scenario, the online casino industry has seen a huge hit with more and more newbies playing online casino. Thus, it becomes even more vital for you to be assured of its legitimacy. Since you’ll be investing your hard-earned money, it is always better to properly investigate and then make a decision. Ensure to keep in mind the tips mentioned above to prevent registering with a malicious online casino.

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