May 29, 2022

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Legalt alleged that the government wanted to make a new partisan appointment

Legalt alleged that the government wanted to make a new partisan appointment

The Legalt government has once again condemned itself by forcing the game to make a biased nomination for the Conservatoire de Music et d’Art dramatic du Quebec, after promising to do the opposite, opposition parties say.

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Liberal MP Christine St. Pierre has accused the office of Culture Minister Nathalie Roy of interfering in the selection process for the post of CMDQ director general, which reports to the board of directors of the educational institution.

“Everything was done according to the rules prescribed by law,” she said in an interview. The board resolution does not impress the cabinet, so it changes the president and takes it again, which is upsetting. “

OmTo me In opposition, St. Pierre, who is in charge of culture issues, recalled that the CAQ leader and his aides insisted not to make partisan appointments.

“If someone tells you not to do this and nails your head in nutritional appointments, it’s CAQ,” she says. Franకోois Legalt, who read his newspaper this morning, should not be proud of his minister. ”

When he came to power in 2018, Prime Minister Franois Legalt, in his speech, vowed to step down and end partisan appointments.


Our investigation office revealed Thursday that CMADQ’s CA is in a serious confidence crisis due to pressure from Mr.To me Roy, to promote the election of former PQ Minister Maka Kotto as Director General.

The three directors resigned after approving a resolution proposed by new president Monique Leroux to submit a new list of finalists to the minister.

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The process was completed in April with the adoption of a resolution containing the names of the two candidates recommended to the Minister for final selection. However, Mr. Kotto, a columnist, is not on the list Journal.

According to several sources, the former chairman of the board, Mary-France Maho, has been under pressure from Mr. Cabinet.To me Roy favored the selection of Mr. Kotto.

While he was Minister of Culture from 2012 to 2014, Mr. during this period.To me Roy was responsible for this file in the opposition.


He also highlighted the contradictions of the CAQ before the Quebec Solidar nomination.

Deputy Alexander Leduk recalled that several options had garnered criticism from the CAQ.

“Quebec companies deserve competent leadership elected without political pressure,” he said in a written statement. Serial promotional appointments are contempt for our companies. ”


Syndicate des Experts President du Government du Quebec (SPGQ), Line Lamar, condemned the violation of the CMADQ process.

“It’s hard to justify a manipulation,” she said. The Board of Directors made its selection. ”

The government should respect the directors’ decision not to accept Mr. Kotto’s candidacy.

“So at all times, government boards are subject to the wishes of the ruling party. That’s not what the board of directors means. ”


According to OmTo me Saint-Pierre, M.To me Lerox risks denying itself by agreeing to submit new candidates to MTo me Roy.

“Is she instructed to put on a short list the name the minister wants?” She said she had to answer questions. She can’t turn herself into a puppet of a cultural minister, especially not because of her credibility and her experience. “

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