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Logitech G Pro is a good gaming headset, low on sales time

Logitech G Pro is a good gaming headset, low on sales time

Logitech G Pro offers good value for money, visual design, clear voice and deep sound reproduction for demanding gamers. It is now on sale for 87.88 euros on CDCount.

In the gaming world, the headset is one of the essential tools for any good and self-respecting gamer. This allows for better immersion in the gaming experience, but also results in better performance in online games if it is of good quality. And definitely during the summer sales, the Logitech G Pro headset Currently for sale on CDCount.

Strengths of the Logitech G Pro headset

  • Comfortable, firm and lasting
  • Quality microphone
  • Good sound reproduction
  • Personalization by Logitech G Hub Software

Usually offered at 100 euros, the Logitech G Pro wired gaming headset is now available Discount at 87.88 euros on CDCount And Amazon website.

Logitech G Pro: Sound experience at Rendezvous

The Logitech brand is known for its computer and especially gaming peripherals and this Logitech G Pro headset is a fine example. This model is specially designed with eSport experts to meet the needs of the players.

It therefore features two 50mm transducers, which provide a very rich and clear sound environment. Therefore headphones provide good sound quality with good bass with balanced and accurate rendering. For example, during your games, you may hear footsteps to counter-attack quickly. What would a gaming headset look like without a microphone? The Logitech G Pro has a 6mm microphone with a noise filter to prevent unwanted noise around you and its signal-to-noise ratio has been significantly improved.

Comfortable and durable

Visually, the G Pro takes up most of the design of its predecessor, the Logitech G Pro X. We found solid and comfortable wired circuit-aural headphones, thanks to its aluminum headband, steel headband and its memory foam padding shape. Imitation leather earrings can also be found. The latter also promotes sound insulation. Additionally, its 2m cable is also very practical to play without limiting.

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Easy and quick setup

Thanks to the dedicated software, the headset can be fully configured. For example, you can download or embed professionally tuned audio EQ profiles. Very practical and easy to use, the Logitech Hub allows you to personalize the gaming experience as much as possible with this headset.

2021 Summer Sales: What You Need to Know

From June 30, 2021, Frandroid will cover sales to help you identify the best tech deals for the program. Every merchant offers new offers every Wednesday until July 27, 2021 for different markdowns of 2021 sales.

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