May 28, 2022

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Patrick Line opened his tongue

Patrick Line opened his tongue

Away from Columbus, Blue Jackets forward Patrick Line has ruthlessly criticized the work of former head coach John Tortorella, who decided not to use his full attacking ability as “stupid”.

In January, Quebec quickly caught the wrath of 23-year-old Maverick Tortorella, who received a reward from the Winnipeg jets as a reward from Pierre-Luke Dubois, who left him on the bench for too long on three occasions.

While he blames his team for refusing to criticize Torrella’s game system at the end of the season, the story was very different when he spoke with the Finnish daily “Amulehati” on Tuesday.

“I think there should be rules for everyone, but we always hope you can use your strength,” Line said, according to the ‘Columbus Dispatch’ translation. Tortorella did not give anyone freedom. The attackers want to create disgust. You have to do a little “cheat” if you want to be the king of scorers. It would not be possible if the coaches thought differently. But I will do as they tell me. “

“I understand the need for a tight system, but all players are different. I do not even like to be like everyone else. Who I am and I do things my way. Everyone should have the opportunity to be themselves. Then you have to play in a team system. I think it is foolish not to use my potential. ”

Conflict ahead?

Lane was probably happy to see the Torrella team not coming back from behind the bench. He was definitely a little underwhelmed when he learned that former deputy Brad Larsen was in his place.

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The Columbus Dispatch reported that Tortorella was on the bench for the entire third season of the game against the Carolina Hurricanes on February 8 … Commenting disrespectfully about Larsen.