May 18, 2022

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Gatino Hospital: Dubey related, civilians want army

Gatino Hospital: Dubey related, civilians want army

After a demonstration the day before the establishment by unions and citizens, Health Minister Christian Dubey admitted Thursday morning that the situation at Gatino Hospital was more than a concern.

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The Symbolic event brought together twenty people from several organizations, including Syndicate des Professionals en Santa de Eltowois (SPSO), Quebec Association of Nurses, Quebec Solidair and Equit Outouis.

“Put it into words, it’s time to take concrete action,” said Karen de Atuil, interim president of SPSO.

Demonstrators condemned the mandatory overtime of pushing many nurses to hospitals and other areas other than health in order to better restore work and family.

Call the army

Citizens’ group Équité Outaouais has called for the presence of the Canadian Armed Forces to end the crisis at Gatino Hospital, and since June 25 its state of emergency has been completely or partially closed.

“We are currently in an emergency and the army is there to help when the crisis comes,” its spokesman Line Plante said at the microphone of the 104.7 Outouth radio station.

Quebec Solidair instead relies on the Red Cross to provide loans in the face of labor shortages and staff shortages in Atvoice.

«[Leurs] Stakeholders can be involved in the treatment of patients and provide care, ”said Mary-Claude Lautorell, regional representative of the political party on her antenna.

It should be noted that the Gatino Hospital emergency room is partially closed indefinitely, and the Hull Hospital emergency room, which is to be taken over during the cessation of these temporary operations, is also facing serious problems of manpower.

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