March 20, 2023

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China’s worst enemy

China's worst enemy

China is moving further towards Maoism version 2.0. Maoism, fought by Deng Xiaoping in the early 1980s, thanks to Xi Jinping. However, Maoism is an ideological forgetfulness. In the past, this forgetfulness was especially harmful to the Chinese.

No country has endured the military occupation of Chinese territory, but neither has the Chinese military. Conditions have changed. The Chinese military is the second most powerful on the planet. The new Maoism of Chinese leaders is exacerbated in military tensions between Beijing and Washington.

1. How does the personality cult of G create the illusion?

Xi Jinping’s “idea” is enshrined in the 2018 Constitution of China. The ridiculous argument that no country can tolerate from one of its leaders. Above all, even more brutally, the cult of Xi Jinping’s personality takes on unseen proportions from Mao. Unsatisfied with asking workers to study Xi’s idea during work, the Chinese government now broadcasts its speeches three times a day to towns and villages. It is impossible to escape from it. Giant loudspeakers broadcast the campaign loudly in the streets.

2. How does this forgetfulness translate into economics?

Unsatisfied with the imposition of his stupid speeches on the population – because his speeches are full of mediocrity, mediocrity and empty phrases – G has recently decided to find institutions dedicated to his “economic thinking” study. The idea of ​​booming is a mixture of economic patriotism and the maximization of exports through new Silk Roads. Beware, Xi Jinping’s economic thinking must transcend all economic theories. It is a misfortune for Chinese economists to be able to clear a critical space in their discipline for 40 years.

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3. What form does this forgetfulness take in history?

G’s most dangerous ideological mania has hit the country’s history. G calls for revenge, especially against Western nations. These were conveniently kept in a single bag and ironically depicted as Chinese hangmen. Manchus forgot that they invaded China and imposed their cruel laws. Russia has forgotten that Russia has supported the Communist Party for decades. The United States has carried out massive technology transfers to China. Or many countries, including Canada, have helped China to develop internationally and gain its rightful place. There is never a question about that. It is so easy to demonize Westerners, it is good to appreciate Chinese nationalism.

4. What about the Communist Party?

The Communist Party of China is no exception to this ideology. It has long been forbidden to speak publicly about the Tian Yanmen ac massacre in 1989 or the devastation of the Cultural Revolution. Xi just added a new layer of prohibitions: From now on, criticizing the heroes of the Chinese Revolution is forbidden.

5. Where does this lead?

This ideology, like any ideology, distorts reality and prevents appropriate decisions from being made. In this sense, China is its own worst enemy. We wonder if G, like Donald Trump, did not suffer from mental illness.