February 24, 2024

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JSK seeks revenge

JSK seeks revenge

After a home draw against NAHD, the JSK players are gearing up to cross the sword with CSC on their home ground, promising that it will be difficult for both teams in this match.

After recording 6 consecutive wins against ASO, WAT, NAHD, MCA, USMBA and ASAM, the Cables, believing their chances of playing on the podium, go to Constantine with the goal of recording their 7th far victory. Of the 12 games played, JSK lost to NC Magra (1-0), ES with the same score and only 3 to JS (2-0). The team is playing better than the team this season. Denise Lavagne’s Foles Hamdi men (0-1) were determined to get revenge after the first leg of the trap. That day, Yellow and Green, who dominated the entire game, were trapped at 65E The minute played by the young Maunder Temin who took advantage of the counterattack to score the winning goal. Next to the previous training sessions, the technical staff gave a clear and inspiring speech to their players. The final of the CAF Cup, lost to Raja de Casablanca, compels Benzea’s teammates to finish everything in the league with a respectable place and why not do it on the podium.

For victory in the 7th distance

Kabils wants to take advantage of this meeting against CSC on the 32nd day of League 1, to stay close to the podium and close the gap to 3rd place in the standings, with JS Saura with 57 points and 11 points. Before JSK. They knew in that look that he had won the match by 8 runsE Of rank. CSC is a home loss to NC Magra and a home draw against US Biscay. A team that can take on their field, which is to the advantage of Hamron’s teammates who are aiming for their 7th goal.E Success in the league.

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Gain confidence before the final

Despite the disappointment after losing the CAF Cup final to Raja de Casablanca, the players turned the page and focused only on the league and the rest of the courses in the League Cup. The technical result is more confident about the good result than ever before, which allows the team to gain certain positions in the standings. In addition to the importance of winning this conference and getting closer to the podium, tonight’s meeting will help prepare well for the League Cup final against NC Magra, which should take place on the 30th or 31st of July.

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