February 24, 2024

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Law Press at the Lanadier Festival | Nagano, concert time

Law Press at the Lanadier Festival |  Nagano, concert time

The orgasm was evident at the opening concert of the Festival de Lanadier, which took place on Friday evening at the Fernand-Lindsay Amphitheater, his residence in Joliet. The event, announced just 10 days ago, is an opportunity for Kent Nagano to perform the orchestra Symphony de Montreal in public for the first time in a year and a half.

Emmanuel Bernier
Special contribution

Keep in mind that the farewell of the man who held the reins of the orchestra for almost 15 years has hampered the current epidemic. Mahler’s second symphony point in June 2020 to say goodbye to the Maison Symphony. Classic Point de Wire in the summer of 2020. The chef who had done so much for the city walked through the back door.

The company was compensated by three concerts recorded without an audience at Maison Symphony last March. Admirable initiative, but we are far from starting with merit with the people.

In Joliet, the festival’s artistic director, Renaud Loranger, paid a tribute to OSM’s conductor Emeritus earlier in the evening, along with Javier Roy, the new general manager appointed amid last year’s epidemic.

The audience paid a heartfelt courtesy to Maestro after coming on stage and after the concert. Health standards have contributed to this success by allowing the site to impress music lovers. Seats were half-occupied (two empty seats between each “couple” audience) and most festival goers occupied the grassy area, where bubbles were separated on the ground. Exact temperature (slightly cloudy, not too hot) is another big plus.

In terms of commentary, the US leader’s regulars have no surprises. Nagano offers one Fourth Mahler’s intensity, but sometimes the moment is not picking up.

It looks unique in the first two moves, where the musician tries to highlight each element. And since there are so many, we miss the main line a bit.

We have the opinion of an actor who constantly separates each character. Or a watchmaker who surprises every part of a mechanism without showing us a final product.

To protect the violin

This is a characteristic of Mahler, towards Vienna Schmalz Naughty and fair, we can’t hear under Nagano’s baton. Fortunately, principal violinist Andrew Vaughan was able to print a little “sway” in the second movement, which sometimes risked losing steam completely.

But the chef has more than one trick up his sleeve. The third movement, marked as “calm”, has less contrasting details than the first two, so Nagano rests to focus on the wonderful melody as he sings at a slow tempo. Time stops abruptly.

The arrival of Soprano Helen Gilmet for the final movement will increase our joy. His limp timbre and his bright face transport us in the moment to the joy of the song. Celestial life. Cricketers also come to celebrate nature.

At the beginning of the concert, the Fan’s afternoon preface, By Debussy, with a great sense of orchestral compositions and Timothy Hutchins’ Diaphonus flute, set the table justly.

Jacques Lacombe with OSM this Saturday, Saturday evening, and OSM Choir, Sunday afternoon, will continue with the French concert this weekend.

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