December 1, 2023

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LPC has set aside veterans for the star candidate in Quebec

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With the federal election on us, behind the scenes, the armies are busy finding candidates with a certain notoriety. Choices are often made at the expense of loyal supporters who have worked in an interesting constituency for years. The recurring scene for the Liberal Candidate Selection in Beauport-Limoilou in the Quebec City area is repetitive.

In the candidate, one must say. Because according to the first information, Julie Lemieux, who was elected to the Regis Labyrinth municipal team from 2009 to 2017, told the Liberal Party of Canada (PLC) organizers that she would wear the colors. Party. If elections are called in the autumn.

It’s the biggest card the Liberals can land in the Quebec City area. Former journalist Soleil, Julie Lemieux became an advisor to Equip Labum in this area of ​​Beaufort during the 2009 municipal election. In 2014, before she left politics in 2017, she became the Vice President of the Executive Council, in second place. For a while, the next generation appointed mayor was clearly identified during her departure from Regis Labyum. But relations between the two political animals have deteriorated.

She chose to throw in the towel and after working in the Muse de la Civilization, she became the CEO of the foundation Enfont-Soil. There was also great success – the company’s telethon raised a record 20.5 million at the end of May. Lemieux was reluctant to return to politics at the time; Her partner, the architect, was completely resistant to the idea.

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The tides changed a few days ago, but she was adamant that her name would not come out, because of the polls, Justin Trudeau finally decided not to call the election.

As always in these situations, the main players do not respond to calls. Joined Tap, OmE Matthew Bouchard, one of PLC’s leading campaigners in Quebec, was satisfied that “there were no comments.”

Disappointment for the former candidate

But you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. And in this case, a dozen went through it. To ensure that there are no investments in the constituency, PLC managers have a lot to do, which is to persuade Antoine Buzold‌ not to run for the Liberal candidacy. Buzzold lost the same constituency in the 2015 and 2019 federal elections, but kept his contacts active to regain his chances. His father, Remy Bujold – former Member of Parliament for Bonaventure – Ols-de-La-Madeleine, was a minister in John Turner’s short-lived government after becoming chairman of the Caucus. He was Robert Bourassa’s Chief of Staff in the late 1980s and Michael Ignafie’s manager for Quebec, succeeding Denis Coderre. He is always active in PLC.

For a number of years, Remy Buzzold, owner of the lobbying firm Concilium, has been president of the PLC Association in Beauport-Limoilou, a position intended to encourage her son to return as a candidate. Not angry, but very bitter in the Buzzold clan. Antoine does not seek nomination.

Photo from Manon Roy’s Twitter account

Former Liberal candidate Antoine Buzzold

Expected disappointment; In the same constituency he had already dusted off twice, which often changed obedience. Another disturbing point, some believe: as a lobbyist, the Consulate considers the Chinese company Huawei as a client, which has serious suspicions against Ottawa and Washington. But these explanations clearly take the back seat: by announcing a candidate called Julie Lemieux, the PLC suddenly shows air on its ships in the Quebec area.

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Ottawa-center, offensive drop-off point

Landing stars in a constituency is always a sensitive step for the party. The Liberals are currently living in the center of Ottawa, with Minister Catherine McCenna vacant safe riding.

It is an ideal base for an ambitious candidate like Mark Carney, the former Governor of the Bank of Canada, who has also been hired by the United Kingdom for equally sensitive work. However, in this historically liberal constituency, local activists have now stated that they will not impose on anyone. Above all the local Liberal member of parliament announced that he would be the candidate.

Photo archives Simon Dawson, Bloomberg

Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada

These competing nominations often end in a split. Justin Trudeau is his appointed star, when former regional minister Yolande James bites the dust in front of a locally unknown candidate in Saint-Laurent in 2017. Each campaign has its fights; The old man remembers the moment when Jean crushed Marcel Massey in the Cretian Hull, crushing candidate Tony Cannavino’s leg.

Beaufort – In Limoilou, Julie Lemieux fights Black Quebecois Julie Vignola, who entered the field in 2019 at the last minute. She has no roots in riding and also has a reputation for not being loyal to the outgoing electorate during the election. Om in 2019 pollTo me Vignola received 30.4% of the vote, while the Liberals and Conservatives each received 26%.

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