September 25, 2023

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Minister Logimodier’s remarks put the Brian Polyester team in trouble

Minister Logimodier's remarks put the Brian Polyester team in trouble

He did not take up his post until ThursdayAlan Logimodier created controversy Those who run residential schools They thought they were doing the right thing.

The past is very easy to judge, but I think they believe they are doing a good job at the time, Added.

He wet his feet in an unusual way, as if he knew nothing. Yet Mr. Polyester was happy to announce him as Minister of Matisse. It is an insult to the Matisse community to have a minister of this caliber, Said political analyst Michelle Lagake.

Kelly Saunders, an associate professor of political science at Brandon University, believes it will be difficult for the new minister to prove his ability to carry out his duties. He said working for reconciliation is very difficult, if not impossible.

The professor also judges that since his first day, Alan Logimodier has shown that he agrees with some of Prime Minister Brian Polyester’s past statements. This is not the way you want to start a new job., She says.

Mary Agnes Welch, probe research partner at the Polling Institute, said the new minister was already there. Two blows against him.

He has had this devastating start and he should try to reconnect with the indigenous leaders who have deep suspicion and deep resentment against this government., She says.

This task is inherently difficult as this government is pursuing on the issues of some aborigines.

A quote from:Mary Agnes Welch, partner at the Polling Institute Probe Research

The Cabinet Reconstruction Brian Polyester appeared on Thursday in the wake of Eileen Clark’s resignation last Friday.

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The minister announced his resignation on Wednesday In a Facebook post Only recent comments from Brian Polyester About the Canadian colony A factor in his decision making.

In her post, Eileen Clark a Strong leadership is involved in healing and uniting the province and country harmoniously and it cannot be done by one person, Adding Inappropriate words and actions are very harmful.

It is difficult for a political party to recover

After Minister Logimodier’s statements and in the middle of a press conference, New Democratic Party leader Wab Kinev intervened and interrupted him, telling him that his remarks were unacceptable.

See the exchange between Alan Logimodier and Wab Kinev:

Wab Kinev blocked a new minister, Alan Logimodier

Photo: Radio-Canada / Julian Sahuquillo

To rise above that and challenge someone on this issue in the middle of the public sphere, I think it’s incredible courage, for which I really appreciate him, ‘said Kelly Sanders. This is a great moment to show the leader that Wab Kinev wants to be himself.

Mary Agnes Welch suggests that progressive Conservatives may be in more trouble than they seem. What happened on Thursday I don’t know if a party can get back on its feet.

Heartfelt apologies Minister

Late on Friday afternoon, Minister Logimodier sent him a press release Heartfelt apologies to all Aboriginal and Aboriginal non-Manitobans and Canadians According to him, he had Suffered severely By his words on Thursday.

To start this important conversation I consulted with the indigenous leaders and put forward a course to take forward the most important work that goes forward., He continues.

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I hope we can work together with friendship and cooperation to bring reconciliation forward and create a safer, healthier and more prosperous future for all Manitobans..

Alan Logimodier’s remarks also caused a stir in the party. Several Conservative MPs responded Friday to his statements Minister of Families Rochelle Squires Who said Suffered severely.

With information from CBC and Julian Sahuquillo