November 29, 2022

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Gaming | Video Games: Marcelois Maxim Lopez and Andre-Pierre Gignock chain the Frogs in Warzone

Gaming |  Video Games: Marcelois Maxim Lopez and Andre-Pierre Gignock chain the Frogs in Warzone

182 D Ping! Gigi Le Ping!“The accent is familiar and singing. The voice game is ’10APG’ on Warzone. However we’re on the live twist of Lowen, the benchmark of the Call of Duty planet.”But ‘Did’, do you often have this kind of ping in Mexico?“Former Pro Player and World Champion of” COD “asks. But who is this”Mexican player?“We ask in the chat – there are some who have not read the description of live clearly – it’s very simply Andre-Pierre Gignok. Former Olympian, Fans Online games, especially from Warzone, share the evening time of games with the nickname “French Camper”.

In the lobby, another Marseille accent plays “boast” and “dido”. He was in the habit of sharing Lowan’s flow since his first detention, especially with comedian and actor Ahmed Zilla. Maxim Lopez, alias Max Lap 27 is also in the game. “We will meet again at 9:30 pm with Maxim Lopez and Andre-Pierre Gignoc! Madness!“His Twitter account teased Lowan.

Many spectators were able to enjoy his live broadcast once again – especially Marcelois and OM lovers – and follow the games on their favorite game with “personalities”. “Deda” and “Max”, friends in life, set the mood for live, tell stories while playing in Marseille while capturing the Frogs. “On the roof, Lowan! Good!Gignock cries as he speaks on the occasion of the French and Spanish mix “Frangnol”.

For his role, Lowen, shy at first, gradually goes along with “Big Z”, a friend and an assistant player on Call of Duty. Four friends have to multiply laughs and successes until midnight. Lopez and Gignock, agile with the ball at their feet, also show their talent with the lever in hand.

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When will another night like this come? Lowan viewers will definitely ask for more …

To return in the evening, go Lowan’s Twitch Channel.