May 20, 2022

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Law Press in Cannes | Connoisseurs

Law Press in Cannes |  Connoisseurs

Our special correspondent on Croyset reports the latest news from the Cannes Film Festival.

Mark-Andre Luzier

Mark-Andre Luzier

Like puppets!

To direct its cast France, A satirical comedy that denies information on television shows, Bruno Dumont used earphones, as did directors on television sets. “We think of puppets as a decorative object, which sometimes gave the impression of being robots,” Blanche Gardin told a news conference Friday. Lea Sedox, who played the producer of the program hosted by the Star Journalist of the Continuous News Channel, said: “He [Bruno Dumont] It has a natural, almost spiritual feel to the image and directing to the atrium is very interesting in this context. Benjamin Biole, who plays the journalist’s husband, agreed: “It’s so interesting to be a puppet! French journalists seem to appreciate Bruno Dumont’s proposal, while journalists from other regions are less likely.

Everything is connected

Photo by Sarah Messonier, Reuters

Asghar Farhadi took part in a photo shoot before leaving for his press conference. A hero, Iranian filmmaker running for new film, Palm d’Or.

In principle, one of the images that should be on the charts – at least what we want – A hero. Asghar Farhadi New Movie (A division, Customers), Those who filmed this opus in Shiraz, Iran, initially start from a relatively harmless incident, although it takes on an unexpected level and depicts crossing the performance of the whole society. “There are two ways to approach these themes: one criticizes in a direct way, or one examines and criticizes the organization through history,” he announced at a press conference the day after the official screening. “For some, criticizing society does not mean criticizing the system. However, everything is connected. I am not a person who is expressed by hysteria. I like to provoke reflections, questioned by my images. It’s my choice, it’s my choice of expression, “he added. Amazon Studios had purchased the rights to the film for all North American territories. If the same happens, the theatrical release in Quebec may be very limited.

Gifts already!

Photo by Eric Randolph, France-Press Agency

Tilda Swinton interested in picking up a Palm Dog collar on behalf of her dog partners Souvenir Part II, Joanna Hogg.

The Jury of the Unjury Division, presided over by filmmaker Andrea Arnold, awarded the prize for Best Picture Loose fists, The second film of Russian filmmaker Kira Kovelenko. The film explores the weight of freedom in the family nucleus through the story of a father who, after experiencing a traumatic event, decides to move to a small mining town north of Ossetia with his three children. In addition, the Palm Dog Awards, given for 20 years to the best dog partner in a film, were also received on Friday. Tilda Swinton also went to pick a palm dog collar on behalf of the three spaniel dogs that came with her. Souvenir Part II, By Joanna Hogg. Of the dog Red Rocket, Also honored by Sean Baker.

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