May 22, 2022

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Merson pretended to be collaborating with AMF

Merson pretended to be collaborating with AMF

Antoine Marson not only continues to sell his MRS cryptocurrency token after the dramatic fall in April, but also claims that he is collaborating with Autorite des March Financiers (AMF).

The 22-year-old Laval resident and two other people – his number two, Bastian Franకోois and Kevin Mirshahi – are under a 12-month ban on selling any of the securities, brokerage services or advice – by the Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal (TMF) by a decision given last week.

At AMF’s request, TMF ordered the “removal of all references to AMF” on the Marson Exchange website, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram.

Classic cheat

Since June 6, the AMF, in its request, has included instructions to the Marson Exchange site organization, “Marson Exchange and the Authority can easily lead people to believe that they are working together, but it is nothing”.

The MRS token – created in February last year – started at 0.06 on March 1 to 43 6.43 on April 17 at 8 pm on April 17, when a secret investor was selling his SRMs heavily. Today it is worth $ 0.03.

All of these activities led to the launch of the AMF investigation, which is only in its infancy.

However, investigators looked on enough to ask the judge to make a full arrest of the three men for 12 months, which they got on July 12th.

Because Marson and his Acolytes said, “They want to campaign [du MRS] With the public ”, however,“ being well aware of the major fluctuations in SRM prices, the potential manipulations and their lack of control over these issues ”.

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There is also AMF evidence that three individuals exercised brokerage activities “without registering with AMF”.

MRS cryptocurrency on certain dates

March 1st

  • Marson creates MRS whose value is .0 0.06.

17 April, 20 p.m.

20 April

21 April

  • Newspaper Talks about the situation.

End of April

  • AMF opens investigation.

July 12

  • The Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal ordered Marson to stop everything.

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