May 27, 2022

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Microsoft Exchange Hacking: Canada also blames China

Microsoft Exchange Hacking: Canada also blames China

Canada on Monday followed up with the United States and other countries that China was heavily involved in hacking the servers used to run Microsoft Exchange.

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According to Western allegations made by members of the European Union and NATO, a group of hackers working for China exploited vulnerabilities in exchange servers, a secure email software known to companies around the world.

“This move has put thousands of Canadian entities at risk, and in some cases it will continue, despite Microsoft taking corrective action,” said Harjit Sajjan of Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and Mark Garnio of Foreign Affairs. Advertising.

The three ministers said they believed the hackers were acting on behalf of the state security ministry (MSE) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). In particular, the APT 40 hacker group created with MSE elements based in Ottawa Hainan has been accused of being behind the massive hack.

“Canada believes that this cyber activity is aimed at stealing intellectual property and obtaining personally identifiable information from networks around the world,” they said.

A US official who spoke anonymously with AFP also spoke about ransomware attacks – computer viruses freezing through the ransom to restore the network – citing a group of hackers.

Ottawa therefore called on Monday to “act responsibly and stop the severity of irresponsible and malicious behavior in cyberspace” without resorting to retaliatory measures.

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