May 22, 2022

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The first case of COVID-19 in American athletes at the Tokyo Games

Portrait de Iani Bédard devant des boîtes souriant.

The result was reported after Eaker received a described one False positive Over the weekend. She had another test, which many times came back negative before being positive.

Alternative gymnasts Eiker, Kyla D’Sello, Emma Malabuyo and Lyon Wang traveled to Japan with six members of the American team, including Simon Piles, Jordan Chills, Grace McCullum, Sunisa Lee, Mykila Skinner and Jade Carey.

As a result, on Monday, the Olympians went to a separate accommodation and special training facility, as originally planned, and will continue their preparation for the Games, USA Gymnastics said in a statement. While in Tokyo the full delegation is vigilant and maintains strict protocols.

The health and safety of our athletes, coaches and staff is our priority. We can confirm that the women’s artistic gymnastics team tested positive for COVID-19 instead. According to local rules and protocols, the man was transferred to a hotel for quarantine.

A quote from:United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, by press release

Banners in the colors of teams from different countries

Photo: Getty Images / Carl Court

Earlier today, the Czech delegation also reported the first case of COVID-19 among its athletes.

Beach volleyball player Ondrej Perusik’s first game in seven days is uncertain after a virus infection was confirmed. Perusic and his partner are scheduled to start their tournament with the Latvians on July 26.

Czech team chief Martin Doctor said in a statement that they would request that the game be postponed until the infected player plays.

The volleyball player, who said he had been vaccinated, was the second member of a Czech delegation tested positive in Tokyo, following a team official on Saturday.

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Two players from the South African men’s soccer team also tested positive, Sunday.

A day before the Isolation Center, run by the Tokyo Games Organizing Committee, players and team video analysts were tested positive.

Their 21 closer ties with the South African team are now under consideration than their first game against Japan on Thursday in Tokyo. The surveillance regime includes daily inspections, special vehicle trips, special training for unaffected team members and confinement to their hotel room during meals.

Even if you are a close acquaintance, you should be able to continue your preparation for the games as you watch., Olympic Games Director of Operations Pierre Ducrey said Monday.

Earlier on Monday, before the Czech case was reported, Tokyo Games organizers confirmed three new cases of COVID-19 involving the media and staff worker or game official.

Sports organizers said the unidentified men were detained for 14 days.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Authority on Monday reported 727 new COVID-19 cases. The number was 502 the week before.

Games begin Friday without supporters at almost all venues, including the opening, as a state of emergency has been declared in Tokyo and vaccinations are slower than expected. Of the 126 million people in the country, 21.6% have been fully vaccinated, Japanese officials said Monday.

The number of sports-related infections has risen to 58 since July 1.