May 21, 2022

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Video Games: Netflix works with Sony

Netflix The Witcher

Coming Soon, Are We Playing Video Games on Netflix? According to a recent Bloomberg article, this is very likely. A few days ago, we learned that SVOD had hired former Facebook and Electronic Arts alumnus Mike Ward as vice president for game development.

If the company has always been interested in video games, this appointment indicates that it finally wants to get into business. And certainly, citing sources close to the subject, Bloomberg talked about Netflix plans.

According to American media, Netflix wants to offer video games without a list of movies and series (therefore, no special video game subscription) and at no extra cost to the user. True, the company’s goal is to attract new subscribers through video games. The plan is to start adding games early next year.

What if Netflix collaborates with Sony?

Clearly, Netflix may not work alone in integrating games into its catalog. True, a new rumor suggests that the company may be collaborating with Sony.

In an article published a few days ago, the Android Authority broadcasts a series of tweets from site developer Steve Moser. By digging through the code of the Netflix app for iOS, he found a lot of information.

First of all, Netflix’s gaming feature is now called “Shark” and can be represented by the Shark Fin symbol. On the other hand, according to this source, the elements suggest that a partnership between Netflix and Sony is possible. True, Steve Moser invented a picture of Sony’s Dual Sense controllers, as well as a game of Ghost of Sushma.

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However, since this information does not come from an official source, caution is always in order. However, integrating games into the Netflix catalog is an interesting way to attract new subscribers. In the case of Sony, this partnership with Sony can be used to counter cloud gaming services offered by Microsoft and Google.

Games on Netflix, Is It Possible on iOS?

Also note that right now, some media are shocked Will Apple accept the integration of video games into the Netflix iOS app catalog? True, the App Store has very strict rules in this area. Also, due to these terms, Facebook has been unable to integrate video games into its Facebook gaming app (although this is possible on iOS)

Due to these app store limitations, Stadia (Google) and XCloud (Microsoft) do not offer their cloud gaming services in the native iOS app, but in the web version beyond Apple’s control.