May 27, 2022

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Antoine Moses breaks world record for most trees in 24 hours | Eastern Quebec | News | The sun

Antoine Moses breaks world record for most trees in 24 hours |  Eastern Quebec |  News |  The sun

However, Guinness gave details on the terms of the free “internal” solution, how many people are needed to monitor the record, and how to proceed.

“I had two witnesses with me at all times, and one person per 420 tree box. At all the changes of the witnesses, there was a written follow-up on the counting of the trees. There are a total of eight people with me to confirm, every three hours, ”explained Antoine Moses.

According to Guinness, the record is not yet official, but Planter believes it will be approved a few days later after evidence sent by its owner, Blue Collar Silviculture. Away from the field where Antoine Moses was playing, another planter Kenny Chaplin tried to break the record the same day. He could not speed up with a young gaspassian planting a tree every 3.75 seconds.

“It helped me for inspiration, but we didn’t see each other all day,” he says.

It inspired his motivation to donate as much money as possible to a fund in honor of Isabelle Brison, a forest worker who died in the summer of 2020. She was part of the group that Antoine Moses worked for. At his rate of 13 cents per tree, his regular salary, about $ 3,000, is associated with his record.

“The goal is to award the Isabelle Scholarship with $ 50,000 in funding. We are 68.2% of the pre – record target.

The scholarship is awarded to a civil engineering student studying at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. This student is distinguished not only by his academic results, but also by financial necessity.

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Isabelle Brison’s memory is undoubtedly inspired in her quest for gaspasian, regular in endurance events.

“It’s the longest test of my whole life. I do not have time to smile, there’s one for me Down, Not to mention my thanks here Assistants. I have always been positive. There is no downside to this test. Isabelle is the reason for passing the exam, ”he concluded.