May 19, 2022

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“I prefer to be eliminated rather than vaccinated”: in Toulouse, she refuses to be vaccinated to go to work

"I prefer to be eliminated rather than vaccinated": in Toulouse, she refuses to be vaccinated to go to work

Health pass is mandatory for shopping center employees in mid-September. The measure, announced by the President of the Republic on July 12, has been included in a bill currently being debated in Parliament. It is a measure that is not always accepted by the first concerned people, such as the Toulouse woman who refused to be vaccinated.

Rebecca * Hostess in a retail chain in the Toulouse area. In 2020, she passed her exams with flying colors and was licensed in real estate. The country has already fallen into its first confinement and anxiety has arisen in that young woman: “I decided to find work very quickly because I deeply felt that the health condition would continue,” Rebecca confirms. Concerned about not being able to continue her education and categorically reject distance education, she applied for a major brand. Quickly he is given a CDI. “I can say that this job saved me, she recalled. It allowed me to get out of this depression I fell into in the first detention in March. It allowed me mentally to regain a passion for life and to be useful.”

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Primarily for her finances, but also for her health, Rebecca chose to be the hostess during the crisis. But just days after the announcement of the President of the Republic on July 12, his future is bright. “There was a meeting in our establishment to discuss future actions to be taken in the case of employees,” she explains to La Depeche. But this meeting is only for leaders, with little information for employees. “What came out was that the vaccine would be mandatory, Rebecca said. We should have it Two doses of the vaccine If not before September 2, 2021 we will not be accepted into the company. This can lead to resignation and, two months later, dismissal for serious misconduct. ”

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Permanent anxiety

Anger, stress, incomprehensibility … When many of these colleagues say that Rebecca is ready to fulfill her responsibility, she is “lost”. “It is clear to me that I have a responsibility to be vaccinated for fear of losing my job,” she said, her throat uncertain. “I do not like to be vaccinated. If I am vaccinated, I want to choose it, not to find out why I am doing it and because it is forced on me.”

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However, the young woman does not consider herself an “antivox” (vaccine adversary): “I do not blame those who have been vaccinated. It assures the hostess that their choice and any decision is respectable. I believe we do not have enough and we do not have enough information on this. I would rather do it unnecessarily than vaccinate. “

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But even though her positions were very noticeable, the young woman agreed to hesitate for a few days. “Sometimes the feeling of doubt crosses my mind and I say I need to be vaccinated to continue my job.” Above all, “I agree that I fear a lot for my professional future and for those around me” is the anxiety that breaks his days today.

* Alias.