November 27, 2022

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According to the EMA, it is a very rare risk factor for GBS

According to the EMA, it is a very rare risk factor for GBS

1 for any first subscription to the Direct Horizon Bores AgreementIs July and July 31, 2021 with an initial payment of at least 20% investment in unsecured account units in the capital, including The member can avail of the welcome offer of his choice:

  • Premium on offer amount (Offer Code: PRVIE19): Premium of € 120 for an initial payment between Payment 3,000 and € 10,000 or € 170 for an initial payment of more than 10,000,
  • Or until Bro 500 brokerage fees are provided (Offer Code: CTVIE19) In their Bors Direct account a The initial payment is more than or equal to 3,000.

Premium (Offer Code: PRVIE19) will be paid, In the external bank account mentioned in the membership process, within 3 months of Bors Direct and Generally y membership being accepted, the agreement on that date is still in progress and subject to the terms of the offer on the offer date. Premium payment.

Offer on Reimbursed Brokerage Fees (Offer Code: CTVIE19) Not Applicable Only for those who have an account with Bors Direct (Securities Account, PEA or PEA-PME). Up to 6 months after the 30-day amnesty period (Direct Horizon Exchange Agreement), Brokerage fees for orders less than 000 100,000 implemented on financial instruments listed in Euronext Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels (Excluding UCITS, excluding financial contracts, excluding telephone affiliation, exempting CRD deferred settlement commission, exempting SRD / ROR order transfer and exempting financial transactions) Repayable over a period of 2 months with a maximum limit of 500 months.

Offer valid for first membership to Direct Horizon Bors Agreement, The full membership file is subject to receipt (All supporting documents requested in the file must be attached) Not included by July 31st (As proof of postకంmark or electronic signature), selected welcome offer (Offer code must be referenced to Bors Direct: PRVIE19 or CTVIE19) and accept membership through Bors Direct and Generali. Offers (bonus or brokerage fee) are reserved for any beneficiary of the offer code provided for each of these offers. The first payment is part of the supporting documents required to join the Direct Horizon Stock Exchange contract.

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Bors Direct reserves the right to implement recovery policies in line with the welcome premium if the member completely rescinds or renounces his life insurance contract within 12 months after effective registration.

The right to refuse at its discretion to subscribe to the Bors Direct Horizon Contract and to refuse or strictly exclude any person who does not comply with the terms of the offer. Bors Direct reserves the right to interrupt or modify the offer at any time, subject to advance notice on its website Cannot combine offer with current offer.