April 2, 2023

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An orchestra turned back on Placido Domingo

An orchestra turned back on Placido Domingo

Tenor-turned-baritone Placido Domingo, targeted at 20 on allegations of harassment and sexual harassment, will not return to Spain. This is what the former “king of opera” recently learned when the Extremist government banned the playing of a regional orchestra in his organization.

Charles-Eric Blaise-Pauline

Charles-Eric Blaise-Pauline

For several weeks now, voices have been rising against injecting public funds to finance the closing concert of the Stone & Music Festival in Merida, starring the controversial lyrical singer. Elected officials from the western part of Spain responded with criticism by voting, forcing the local orchestra to cancel participation, Daily Reports Country. The Spanish Philharmonic Orchestra will take charge.

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Irene de Miguel, a spokesman for the United States Regional Assembly, said it was “embarrassing and regrettable” that public money was being used to promote “a man who has been condemned as a sexual abuser by many women.”

“Sincerely sorry”

According to an Associated Press investigation published in 2019, 20 women sexually assaulted Placido Domingo, now 80 – touching, forcing kissing, inappropriate comments, career break – in the United States since the late 1980s.

Shortly afterwards, he resigned as director of the Los Angeles Opera and his career in North America virtually ended. An investigation by AGMA, the leading union of opera singers in the United States, found “inappropriate behavior.”

Although he admitted in February 2020 that he had injured women in his career, Placido Domingo continued to denounce the allegations against him. “I want them to know that I am sorry for the pain I have caused them. I accept full responsibility for my actions,” he said on several occasions before making his remarks worthy or contradictory.

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