July 6, 2022

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Maskicom’s spell is sealed

Maskicom's spell is sealed

The Quebec government announced on Wednesday that it was granting a $ 12.5 million grant to Estrian Coopel to assist in undertaking a high-speed internet connection project for 4,000 homes in MRC de Maskinonge, following the announcement of the Moskicom cooperation limit.

It was the end of a long saga in this area. Mosquicom was created in 2017 to provide high-speed Internet access to rural areas in the MRC. However, only 800 homes in Saint-Matthew-du-Park, Saint-Eli-de-Caxton, Saint-Lyon-Le-Grand and Saint-Boniface have been connected since work began in August 2018.

So it is with Coupెల్tel, the Walcourt headquarters in Estrey, that continues this work. Its mandate is to connect 3,000 homes by September 2022.

According to Co-General Manager Mary-Ov Rochelle, the deadline will be honored. TVA Novels has not confirmed the date of its crews’ arrival in the area to continue optical fiber development. “We are in talks with Moskicom, but there are steps to be taken before work can begin. We can assure the population that by September 2022 everything will be connected. “

She said the company specializes in rural connectivity and the work is growing rapidly. In addition, Coupell intends to settle in MRC to provide technical assistance to subscribers. By the end of the 2022 schedule, Couple will deliver more than 100,000 addresses.

While this announcement is the pleasure of Estri Cooperative, it is the misfortune of Branchez-Nows Inc., a subcontractor of Mosquicom. The company is responsible for connecting the residences from 2018 onwards.

According to its president Normond Richard, the MRC’s prefect and Mosquico president threw the towel very quickly. “He left the population. He must fight to get the funding he needs,” he said.

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The Branch-Vos Inc. project initially contracted for $ 2.2 million to take care of the connection. However, according to Normand Richard, it was the debts that threatened his company.

He said he had to pay 000 65,000 of the invoices that Moscom did not pay. If he does not receive payment by the end of Friday, he will have no choice but to disconnect the 800 members. “I can no longer finance the network out of my own pocket. Mr. Lalonde asks the government for emergency funding. I have no choice anymore. “

Called to respond to the government statement, Saint-Matthew-du-Park Josie Magney said, “There was so much bitterness about this project, it was a source of pride for MRC.” Ms Magnie knocked on the door of the Moscowcom board of directors last November, citing a lack of communication with the company’s population. She adds that she was not surprised by the result. “After my resignation in November 2020, I knew we were going to be taken over by another company,” she said.

Sebastian Longwin, Moscow’s communications manager, confirmed to TVA Novels about the service to current subscribers, adding that talks between the Koppel, Branchez-Vous and Quebec governments are ongoing, but no decision has been made.