June 26, 2022

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Norwegian Cruise Line: 2 Vaccines Not Welcome

Norwegian Cruise Line: 2 Vaccines Not Welcome

When he realized that his cruise line, the Norwegian cruise line, like himself and 2.5 million other Canadians, would block access to those who switched their vaccines between two doses, the Quebecker who dreamed of going to the sun had to cancel his trip.

“We were happy to go. […] Let’s just say our boat picked up water very quickly, ”laments Jerome Goudralt, a regular on excursions.

The man from Walcartier was opposed to the Canadian and Quebec governments’ decision to allow a mixed vaccine that would eventually lead to the loss of some free citizens.

Jerome Goudralt and his wife Okane Jacques left for Norwegian Encore.

Courtesy Photo

Jerome Goudralt and his wife Okane Jacques left for Norwegian Encore.

“We say yes, we hope to be free, but in the end it is not so” thunders a man who went on a vacation in the Caribbean from Miami from 2 to 9 January 2022.

Everything was planned and ready to buy, but before sending his payment, he liked to read all the fine prints of the contract between him and the shipping company. This is where the bad surprise appeared.

“No one told us when we bought it,” Mr. Goudralt said angrily.

Combined vaccines

The Norwegian wrote on its website that “mixed vaccine protocols are not acceptable.”.

When he questioned the cruise line, Jerome Goudralt was told by then that the policy should be relaxed, but he had no question of taking the risk.

“Actually they want to buy me because after a certain date, they will not refund, they will only refund the travel credit,” the frustrated traveler explained.

“I have an opinion that this will become their business model for the next few months,” adds the witness today to prevent other people from losing money.

Policies are in progress

When questioned on the subject, government ministries at both levels assure that the vaccine mix will provide better protection. In the case of defects not identified abroad, stages are underway.

“The Quebec government is currently in talks with the federal government so that representations can be made so that the astrogen and vaccine shields can be more widely recognized internationally, as well as a mixed calendar,” said MSSS spokeswoman Nomi Vanhuerzwizn.

Although we confirm the effectiveness of the combined vaccines and the progress of the procedures, the situation makes Jerome Goudralt doubtful.

“I ‘m 100% vaccinated and we trust the people who govern us, but if other countries do not follow the decisions they make, I begin to doubt.”

Transplantation of vaccines

In Canada

  • Possibility to combine Vaccines
  • Of Combined vaccines Allow people to identify as “completely immune”
  • According to the latest data, 2.6 million Canadians Received combination vaccines

In the USA

  • To be recognized as a “complete vaccine”, a person must have received it Two doses of the same identified vaccine By the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO): AstroZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Sinovac
  • The concept of “completely vaccinated” Does not prohibit entry into the country, But some testing is required. However, an unidentified person may be denied access to certain private places (such as cruises).
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