July 7, 2022

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Foreign workers: Beauze founders demand action from Ottawa

Foreign workers: Beauze founders demand action from Ottawa

About fifty businesses in the Boos area believe they are being paralyzed in their day-to-day operations due to the federal government’s delay in granting the necessary permits to foreign workers.

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These passionate entrepreneurs who are already gripped by labor shortages are collectively screaming from the heart. This recurring situation is putting hundreds of companies in all sectors at risk and threatening their growth.

Businesses are urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to deal with immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC) officials demanding that the file of foreign workers be expedited.

Loss of income

For Les Codres de Beas, the situation is losing 30% of revenue, not to mention the stress of clients waiting for their services. Of the 15 workers requested for April 1, 2021, only nine were.

“There is a labor force, but we are stuck at the governmental level to succeed in receiving them. It gets complicated every year,” said Alain Jacques, president of Codres de Beus, an organization based in Saint-Isidore.

The problem, which has been unclear since yesterday, has spread to the pandemic and the Chowder-Appalachలాs unemployment rate of 3.8% (May 2021).

Repetitive process

“One year, they will lose the files. After that, the Quebec government did not have the staff to process the requests. This year, it is federal immigration for work permits and visas. It will take forever. For five years, it has been worse, ”Mr. Jacques said.

Local businesses spend thousands of dollars to hire these essential foreign workers, not to mention the hours spent processing each request in a repetitive process.

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Many of these foreign workers are experienced and have met all of Ottawa’s needs in recent years. Buses continue to decline contracts every week and the losses are substantial.

Sustainable solutions

“In Beauce, we’re relatively far-sighted. We can sell and export our products and we can no longer do that. Right now, the government is forcing us not to export. Mr Trudeau did not take the same economics course I did. In my opinion, he took dance lessons, The businessman protested.

In the current situation, Alain Jacques does not believe he wants to pass on his business to the next generation.

According to all the signatories to the open letter, the time is fast approaching for the federal government to find effective and lasting solutions in the very short term.