March 25, 2023

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In Lot, it was the time of the tiger mosquitoes

In Lot, it was the time of the tiger mosquitoes

In 2020, 51 municipalities in Lot were colonized by the tiger mosquito. Currently, 13 areas in Occitan are infested with insects.

In 2015, the Tiger Mosquito took root in Lot. Not very mobile races and yet very aggressive. Wondering what its dangerous about. This Asian species was found in 2004 in Menton, France. Since then, scientists have observed an exponential increase.

Cases of rare infections in France

This 3 mm worm is dengue, chikungunya and sometimes Zika, 3 viruses with similar symptoms: fever, severe pain in joints and bones. Contrary to popular belief, these diseases are not transmitted by the tiger mosquito: “It contains a virus but is not transmitted from birth. So let’s talk about the vector. “ Benoit Joseph, who is responsible for regional public health policies at ARS Occitany, explains.

An infected person transmits his virus to mosquitoes when he returns to the country while abroad. Hence the importance of consulting your regular practitioner if symptoms appear within two weeks of his return. However, only one person was diagnosed with ARS oxytocin in 2020: “These are non-fatal illnesses with our hospital system on the mainland of France” Guillome Lacore, a medical entomologist at Altopictus, recalled.

Some preventive measures

Across the lot, more than 40% of the population lives in the town of tiger mosquito colonies. To protect yourself while limiting the spread of this species, a number of measures are required. First, empty all artificial containers of water outside regularly. Buckets, drums, pots and gutters: “All rainwater flows into these areas where tiger mosquitoes live.” Guillome Lacore explains. Then, opt for long, loose-fitting clothing that covers the skin. And for repeated bites … “This is not an urban myth. Some cocktails smell more attractive than others. We are all unequal when it comes to mosquitoes.”, The scientist agrees.