July 7, 2022

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Performance Organizer Singer “Conspirator” Amelie Paul | Music | Arts | The sun

Performance Organizer Singer "Conspirator" Amelie Paul |  Music |  Arts |  The sun

“We did not want his presence at an event that wanted to be festive and family”, the 2021 edition of the show sums up the organizer. This is a show on the water, Louis Lalonde.

For the past three years, the show has operated 400 boats near Thetford Mines in the waters of Grand Lock Saint-Fran ఫois to attend band performances. The 2021 edition features the Epic Eagles and Rebel Effect, rock cover groups.


On Friday, the day before the event’s scheduled date, the company had to cancel the Rebel Effect group’s performance. Its singer, Amelie Paul, who became famous during the epidemic, shared comments against her health measures.

‘S Facebook page This is a show on the water Many internet users were shocked to see the artist being among the guests. Many of those accused of promoting the conspiracy movement have referred to the organization. Boaters announced that they would be attending the show for this reason.

The frustrated owner quickly rectified the situation.

“Production and organizers did not want to get the words of the conspiracy movement in any way. This Saturday, C’est show sur l’eau confirmed that singer Amelie Paul was not part of the show,” we read in a publication on Friday morning.

“Full compliance with health standards”

In the interview The sun, Manager Louis Lallonde said she was “disappointed” to find out what Amelie Paul had to say.

“Last year, we were able to run the program in full compliance with health standards. We did not see the promotion of a girl recognized in the world of conspirators,” she explains.

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