July 6, 2022

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The Barney bull that fled in front of the slaughterhouse is still on the run

The Barney bull that fled in front of the slaughterhouse is still on the run

(Mastic) Several days after his escape, a bull from Long Island, New York, searched by helicopter and night vision equipment, but was nowhere to be found trying to lure the stray animal with grain and cow.

The animal fled the farm on Tuesday after breaking into a fence closing the pen. The day is intended for the slaughterhouse where it is to be sacrificed as part of a religious holiday, the community reports daily. Greater Morriches, De Long Island.

Suffolk County police said the 1,500-pound (680-kilogram) bull began responding to loud calls Tuesday morning after they passed through a fence at Area Farm. Residents spotted the dark-skinned bull as it nicknamed “Barney” through the fields, roads and gardens of this suburban town. And it briefly closed part of the Sunrise Highway.

Teams searched 50 miles east of New York City on foot and on horseback. They used drones. They set up a “bull trap” to lure Barney with the same food he eats on the farm, to no avail. Nothing worked, or there were no other potential hazards.

“We tried to lure him with a cow …”

“We tried to lure him with cows and horses,” Frankie of the Strong Island Animal Rescue Organization told Floridia Frankie. I’m here [pistolet tranquillisant], Looking for it and I’m hunting cows in Indiana Jones movie ‘. It was frustrating. The longer it lasts, the more you wonder what will happen. ”

The bull roams over a part of Long Island where there is an expansion of dense undergrowth and pine trees. Mr Floridia said the dense vegetation search was hampered.

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They suggested transferring the bull to the sanctuary.

“I’m not afraid he’s aggressive towards humans,” Floridia said. It has no horns, it is not an aggressive animal. I think he’s going to see people and he will run away. I was terrified of the color of his coat, that he would lose a road in the dark and that the driver would not see him. ”

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