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The winning duo | The Journal of Montreal

The winning duo |  The Journal of Montreal

While the sophistication meets absurdity on the Place des Arts stage on Friday, Rita is well and Jean-Thomas Jobin piloted a deliciously different Carte Blanche evening without the timeliness.

The host duo did not step on stage when the audience jumped to their feet and was covered with huge applause. Won early, Salle Wilfried-Pelletier? Probably.

However, Jean-Thomas Jabin and Rita proved to be worthy of this welcome with a very successful opening number. Their universes – completely opposed – were unexpectedly united in a seemingly refreshing synth. On the one hand, the sophistication of Jean-Thomas Jabin.

On the other hand, the efficiency of Rita Well. But instead of remaining stark and contrasting, contrasting, their energies color each other, giving shades that are almost unmistakable in every artist.

Big Brother shadow

Naturally, throughout the evening, there was thick butter – a little more, too – on their performance at the Big Brother Celebrities earlier this year. Sirope Lambert Franకోois Lambert, often renamed here, passed through Wrinker more often than his turn. Good player, he appeared for a short, but sharp wink a little later in the evening.

The animator duo hit the mark in the middle of the evening with the number hitting heteronarmativity with the help of Julian Korivev. Humor, though sometimes flush with daisies, allowed them to eliminate certain thoughts and some toxic prejudices. Good game.

Evening stars

Let us also underline the vision of Rita Baga, who for the first time in her career turned Place des Arts into her playground. Naturally, after years of experience in nightclub stages, she became a host under perfect control. Jean-Thomas Jabin also proved to be a comfortable host, but most charming of all. Impossible duo. But the winning duo.

Among their guests, Alex Perron did nothing special by addressing the mood of some of the audience. Using the classic story of Pet Piss Repeats, the first fear to its premise, Hockneyed at first glance. But by crossing it through every possible prism of political correctness, it performed wonderfully.

The same thing happens to Melanie Ghanima. The comedian laughed as loudly as we often do with the wonderful memory of his first society. We take even more for its impeccable drawing and timing for its delicious stories.

Highlight the evening? Corinne Cote, Matthew Dufour and Christine Morency reunite for a sketch of Papa Prune’s funeral of Jean-Thomas Jabin’s last cat. Absolutely witty and twisted number, distributed by the trio, we want to find again and again.

The Just for Laughs Festival runs through July 31.

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