May 17, 2022

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“Camelot – Part One”: Alexander Asterier, Independence and Integrity

"Camelot - Part One": Alexander Asterier, Independence and Integrity

New episodes of the last TV series Camelot Demonstrated, which took place in 2009. Since then, fans have been able to find comics and today, the first movie has finally hit theaters. Alexander Aussie resumes the role of Arthur and revisits his experience and his approach … along with commenting on the fact that the film is now in the International Space Station!

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The real man-orchestra, Alexander Aster is a screenwriter, director, actor – a re-enactment of King Arthur – and a composer for series and films.

Camelot – the first part Takes place ten years after the events of Book VI Of Camelot, The kingdom of Logres was still in the hands of Lancelot (Thomas Cousso), who summoned Saxon mercenaries. At the same time, Arthur Pendragon returns.

In addition to the indestructible characters, the faithful find Christian Clavier as the jurist or Alain Chabat as the Duke of Aquitaine. But there are plenty of surprises. Thus, to name a few, Sting (yes, the singer) is effectively transformed into Horsa, a Saxon, and Guillaume Gallianne Alzager, characters written to be measured by Alexander Astier “never written without knowing who the characters are going to play.”

Thoughtful approach

No improvement on set. The music was composed by Alexander Aster, who later edited the film based on pieces recorded by Orchester de Leon.

“Let me be clear, the first impression you get when you film and come out of a show is that filming is so easy. I don’t see that as a series of challenges, because I think that’s the main challenge Camelot The television series operates in a “heroic fantasy” environment with the limitations of a budget. Alexander Astier, who joined the QMI agency in France via videoconference, explained and needed to be referred to.

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“In the film, we go there. If there are pirate ships, we go to sea and we do it. We will fly 6,000 kilometers to go to Oman. It’s all a budget story, but putting comedy characters at great risk is a movie. I thought it would be so easy to say what I say in a movie environment. ”

Ticket presells Camelot – the first part Succeeding on the other side of the Atlantic, the available seats sold out in minutes. The television series is also popular, and it is also thesis, conferences or seminars. How Alexander Aster explains the charm Camelot, Which has now become an integral part of popular culture?

“I can not explain it to myself,” he replied. Because I did not take care of it. The result, some popularity. A niche, sure; Next, it’s the right size … “

“This popular success came regardless of the success and popularity of the result, what he wanted, came through the person who said it in the tone he wanted. So my recipe should not see this. I can be happy about it, I’m proud of it and I’m happy with it, but it’s not changing what I do. And it doesn’t affect directions. “

“It’s absolutely necessary to be neutral about all this. Also, I’m definitely ready to displease all these people. Not on purpose, not from provocation, not from integrity. If they do not like what I do, it’s life. I’m ready for it, it’s OK. Did not succeed Camelot. »

Camelot Estimated at the International Space Station

Thomas Pesquet, a French astronaut, flew to the ISS last April for a six-month stay. How Alexander Astier tells its copy Camelot – the first part Out of space …

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“The astronauts have a kind of ‘entertainment package’ that they take there for the rare time that they are allowed to get some peace. I know Thomas Pesquet asked for the product. Camelot Be able to take episodes of the series. After that I found out that he liked this series. ”

“When this film was released I realized he was in space. I gave him privately to manage me so he could see it. He liked it and we kept it. At the same time, “fans” started signing petitions to send me this picture, but it was already there! I didn’t want it to be public, I didn’t want to take it as a fake promo. ”

“The place is big, but its boundaries are not far from us. I believe Thomas Pesquet is less than 200 kilometers from us, that is you [au Québec, NDLR] Much more from me than Thomas Pesquet! I hope he contributes to pushing the boundaries of space, that is to say, all of these are close and close, I want to prove his “tweets” and the constant contact he has with the Earth, the station when he was space commander. “

“I feel surreal that this film is there. People who experience silly things like microgravity, above us, in space, take the time to watch a movie, mine only. I’m very touching, very moving. I agree that I would love to see. “

Camelot – the first part Performed in theaters across the province on July 23.