March 24, 2023

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Canada-US border | Policies do not necessarily apply in the same way

Canada-US border |  Policies do not necessarily apply in the same way

(Washington) Just because Canada and the United States worked closely to restrict movement at their partnership border does not mean they will always move forward at the same pace when it reopens, the U.S. said Friday. Canadian Ambassador to the United States.

James McCarten
The Canadian Press

There has been “massive” coordination and information sharing between the two countries along the border since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kirsten Hillman said.

“But coordination doesn’t mean we’re going to do the same thing,” M said.To me Hillman co-starred with U.S. counterpart Arnold Chackon in the Wilson Center panel discussion.

This is Kirsten Hillman’s first public appearance after the United States on Wednesday confirmed travel restrictions that will affect unwanted visitors from Canada for at least 30 days.

Photo by Jeff Emsintosh Archives the Canadian Press

Kirsten Hillman

However, her message, which she has been distributing for weeks, is that each country makes its own decisions.

As of August 9, the U.S. has fully vaccinated. The U.S. decision to extend travel restrictions was announced two days after Ottawa said citizens and permanent residents would be allowed to set foot on Canadian soil, and the rest of the world could do so by September 7.

Restrictions are always very different, M.To me Hillman – Canadian air travelers have always been able to travel to the United States, where most restrictions apply primarily to land crossings, restricting all discreet travel south of the Canadian border.

“The United States does the same thing: it makes decisions based on its condition on Earth.”

Mr. Chacon, who agreed with Mr.To me Hillman said border talks between the two countries on “stellar” teamwork are ongoing and will continue.

“We are reviewing our travel restrictions and any decision to reopen the borders will be guided by our public health experts,” Chakan said from Ottawa, echoing the Biden administration’s position.

“We take it very seriously. But I think we’re in a good position and the trajectory is very promising.”

United States Department of Homeland Security officials cited the expansion of the Delta variant of COVID-19 as an explanation for their decision – including Mexico – and promised to keep communication routes open.

The U.S. has been waiting for months for the opportunity to visit friends, family and vacation property in Canada, as well as members of Congress representing them. There is a clear difference for residents.

New York Republican Ellis Stephanic of the Republican Party denounced it earlier this week as “absolutely and undoubtedly unacceptable,” joining Chuck Schumer, the rising Senate majority leader, and a group of angry U.S. lawmakers who make up the entire main delegation to Congress.

Brian Higgins, a Democrat from New York who led the charge against sanctions, described himself as “angry” for calling himself an “incomprehensible” extension.

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Border situation experts may be linked to a reluctance to reopen the US-Mexico border, a step forward that could lead to political repercussions if travel from Canada is sculpted due to the ongoing refugee crisis there.

There is also the additional factor of whether the United States, where only 57% of Americans are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19, proves that vaccines require admission.

The White House has already made it clear that it does not support the need for proof of vaccination to enter the United States, which is known for its serious commitment to personal freedom.

John Adams, a Florida resident who owns a vacation property on Vancouver Island, has in recent weeks funded a campaign of border TV and internet advertising against the two governments to persuade them to ease sanctions.

His latest campaign-style offensive statement accused President Joe Biden of “holding Canadian citizens hostage”, along with popular images of blindfolded prisoners in Iran during the crisis since 1980.