July 7, 2022

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Erin O Tool investigates taxpayer payment agreements

Erin O Tool investigates taxpayer payment agreements

After the Liberal Party of Quebec called an emergency meeting of the ethics committee to discuss the use of parliamentary funds, it was the loneliness of the Conservative Party of Canada.

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In the first six months after being elected Leader of the Opposition in Ottawa, the office of Conservative leader Erin O’Toole paid party relatives nearly దాదాపు 240,000 in taxpayer payment agreements, a Global News investigation revealed.

According to the English language channel, Mr O’Toole allowed his deputy chief of staff, Steve Outhouse, to run his own communications company, InterCD.

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The agency said on Friday it had helped nine conservative party members nominate candidates for the post of Conservative candidate in the forthcoming federal election, all of which will include a job in the opposition leader’s office.

“Someone must remind O’Toole and his team that we need to be a party of accountability,” the Harper-era conservative told Global on the Anonymous Situation.

Erin O’Toole, director of communications, said Mr Outhaus hired the company last fall to transition with a team of former Tory leader Andrew Scheer. Mr. Uthhouse was later offered a job as Deputy Chief of Staff in the Leader of the Opposition’s office.

“In consultation with the administration of the House of Commons and in accordance with the rules and guidelines given, Mr. uthhouse continues to work on nominations,” the Conservative candidates said.To me Tucker in an email.

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At the end of the last session of the House of Commons, the Conservatives were criticized for awarding a 000 75,000 contract to a company owned by Tom Pitfield, close to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals Liberal leader.

During the last six months of the fiscal year – ending March 30 – this corresponds to Erin O’Toole’s first six months as Conservative leader – he was elected on August 24, 2020 – a number of contracts were awarded to relatives or organizations affiliated with his leadership. Alupa Clark, a former Member of Parliament for Limoilou, 000 72,000 total. The channel said Mr Clarke, who lost the 2019 election, had become a close adviser to Erin O’Toole after helping Andrew Scheer succeed in his campaign.

According to documents contacted by Global, Pathos Strategy, led by Dmitry Saudas, former communications director of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has signed a $ 30,000 deal. Saudas’ partner in the Pathos strategy, Dan Robertson, advised Erin O’Toole in his leadership campaign and was later appointed as an adviser to the Leader of the Opposition’s office.