June 7, 2023

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Facebook Gaming has resigned to use the web app on iOS

Facebook Gaming has resigned to use the web app on iOS

Facebook Gaming One has to be satisfied with the web app on iOS, as one would. The social network created the streaming game service and hopes to bring it to the App Store, but Apple’s rules strictly prohibit this use. Or, Apple accepts streaming games, but each game requires a different app, which is not good when you want to offer hundreds of titles like Facebook Gaming.

Facebook Gaming on Safari on the iPad.

We imagined that there was some backlash between Facebook and Apple, but the negotiations were not successful. In the case of Microsoft, Google, GeForce Now or Gamestream, the App Store is closed to Facebook Gaming, which must be satisfied with the web application. From what we can test for competitors, this is an error, but not prohibitive and we can play comfortably from the browser.

The biggest problem for Facebook is promoting its new service. He can’t do this from his iOS app because the App Store rules also forbid him. The social network can always highlight its offer on its website, but more and more players will be found on mobile.

For now, Facebook Gaming remains a small player, having a list of HTML 5 games worldwide, but the service has big ambitions. Currently in the United States, like many big games Asphalt 9 And Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion Are provided for free on streaming‌ and are regularly released in other countries.

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