May 24, 2022

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Glyphosate: Black Cubacois condemns Ottawa decision

Glyphosate: Black Cubacois condemns Ottawa decision

While in Longyouil on Saturday as part of his summer tour, the leader of the Black Cubacos, Yves-Fran ఫois Blanchett, condemned Ottawa’s decision to increase glyphosate’s tolerance limits for many foods, including beans and legumes.

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The leader of the Black Cubacois described the decision as “completely unacceptable”, in which case the general tendency was to reduce the use of the carcinogenic herbicide as much as possible.

“Neither the agricultural community, nor health, research or ecology has sought this extraordinary increase in the tolerable limits of glyphosate,” Yves-Franకోois Blanchett denied on Saturday.

“Ottawa is in the service of special interests, foreign multinationals, and harm to public health,” the Black leader believes.

“I was shocked to see that the federal government is not considering it for the consumers, whose interests must be protected above all else,” he said.

For the Yves-Franకోois Blanchett party, “the Ottawa decision sends a contradictory message that could harm efforts to reduce pesticide use in the agricultural world.”

Support farmers

In a press release published on Saturday, Black Cubacois, Ardre des Chimistes and the Association of Biologists and Microbiologists of Quebec said, “Allowing the arrival and sale of food items that contain more residue is against farmers’ progress to try to produce food with less pesticide residue.”

Instead, the party is proposing a gradual ban on chemical methods, support for research on alternative and organic intervention methods, as well as support for Quebec’s agricultural sector towards sustainable agriculture.

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“We’re talking about a $ 300 million investment for transformation that will happen in four years,” one said.