May 20, 2022

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“Camelot – Part One”: Valuable (long) expectation

"Camelot - Part One": Valuable (long) expectation

Alexander Aster provides the rest of the Arthurian myth with all the truths we know.

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There is no question of revealing the plot, if not more Camelot – the first part Arthur (Alexander Aster) was eager to return, but decided to recapture his throne from Lancelot (Thomas Cousso), who had allied with Saxon mercenaries to bring order to the Longress kingdom.

We discovered many new characters who were wonderfully embodied by Guillaume Gallianne or Sting. Fans of the series with hundreds of episodes will be delighted to find Christian Clavier, Lionel Astier, Antoine de Kauns, Alain Chabat, Geraldine Nacache and many more.

It’s Camelot – the first part So this is not only an adaptation of a very popular television series, it is definitely a movie intended for the big screen. The sets are stunning, luxurious clothing and accessories add a valuable level of detail. By adding a series of “flashbacks” to Arthur’s childhood, Alexander Astier seeks to add extra depth to his character.

A mix of genres – comedy, comedy, adventure film, “fantasy”, parody -, Camelot – the first part Teaming up with jokes, deceptions, innuendo, reading levels. Like the series, the two-hour film will satisfy fans of this crazy universe, which will never be easy.

If it is The first part It cleverly closes some of the intrigues left in the suspense by the series, which opens up to others who expect victory in the counters to be at Rendezvous, while the second part is just as pleasant.

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5