June 6, 2023

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Centers refuse to give 3rd dose

Centers refuse to give 3rd dose

The government has denied giving an “extra dose” to the Quebecs vaccine, which is expected to travel in the coming months.

“I was told I had a plane ticket to prove I had an imminent departure to have my extra dose,” said Jacques Perrier, who plans to leave the country in a few weeks.

Like the couple who made headlines after being banned from the cruise because of mixed vaccinations, this guy wanted to avoid an evil surprise. Mr Perrier, who has received two different vaccines, went to a vaccination center in Blainville, where he suffered a clear rejection on Saturday.

“That doesn’t make sense! I’m not going to buy a plane ticket without leaving!” He pleaded.

Yet the Ministry of Health said on Friday that no proof was needed to obtain this extra dose.

This other dose “can be given to any person who has not been vaccinated in the country where he is traveling”, upon request.

As an alien

A similar situation arose near Quebec this weekend, with Melanie Gilbert attempting to obtain a third dose of vaccine for a trip to Mexico this winter.

Employees at Biscuit Leclerc’s vaccination center in Saint-Augustine-de-Desmares then appeared “completely helpless.”

“They saw me as an alien. I was told that we were not doing that here, however, that my trip was not enough, ”said the man who received the two mismatched doses.

Note that the Ministry of Health recommends not asking for this other dose too early “because the condition may change quickly”. However, there is no maximum time limit to be observed.

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Lack of unity

Contacted about this, CIUSSS de la Capital-National certifies that it complies with this new directive and that it will be quickly applied throughout their site.

Although the government approved it on Friday and CISSS and CIUSSS received an official order from the National Public Health Office on Saturday afternoon, we will defend ourselves.

“It’s annoying! “Every time public health changes since the crisis began, it always takes time to get into the field.”

Breakdown and skepticism for the lotto-vaccine

The province will not have much of an impact on vaccine coverage, other than imposing restrictions on the vaccine lottery recalcitrant, experts say.

Competition « The benefits of vaccination », Created by the Legalt government in hopes of boosting vaccine coverage, it launched on hats yesterday morning.

Unable to register

Traffic such as, website, overload, not in use in the morning. According to a professor of immunology and virology at the National Institute of Scientific Research, this is not a guarantee of success.

“Anyone who has been vaccinated can register, not just those who have just made up their minds. An opportunity in 80% of the province is not a big incentive and I am not the only one to do this calculation, ”he said.

It was observed Newspaper Yesterday at the vaccination site of the Center de Fర్స్res de Quebec. Of the fifty or more people we met, only one confirmed that he had taken his second dose due to the “lottery-Kovid”.

Mr. Lamar explained that this competition could tip the standards for a few, but it would take a long time to convince Diehards.

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“What works best to have a real benefit by being vaccinated. It should be complicated for those who do not have access to certain places without being restricted. By having to be tested in advance, for example,” he suggested.

Mr. Lamar is of the same opinion that retired virologist Jacques Lapierre believes that if the government wants to achieve its goal, it is necessary to impose some form of vaccination passport.

“These kinds of competitions, especially in the United States, don’t have really reliable results. If the carrot doesn’t work, you have to remove the stick, no matter how thin it may be,” Dr. Lapierre said.

Every Friday in August, 000 150,000 prizes will be drawn for those who receive the dose, and those who are fully vaccinated on September 3 will be given a jackpot of 1 million. Scholarships of $ 10,000 for vaccinated adolescents or $ 20,000 for a jackpot.

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