June 28, 2022

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Immigration | March for status for all

Immigration |  March for status for all

Nearly sixty people are heading to Parliament in Ottawa on Sunday morning seeking status for all immigrants.

Massa Fera

Massa Fera

In front of the Park Metro Station in Montreal, small groups line up. They are divided into five buses that take them to Ottawa during the day.

They join other exhibitors in Gatino along the way. In a symbolic gesture, they cross the bridge into Ottawa to ask the government of Justin Trudeau for a full and continuous regularization program for those without status on Canadian soil.

Falilou Mane is well aware of this reality. He has been living with her for two years. “When I interrupted my studies, I lost my student status. I’m in a dangerous situation, “said Guinean, 33.

He still considers himself lucky. “Some families have been without status for a long time. Parents have a dangerous job for survival and depending on their situation, they print all sorts of threats from their employers. ”

This is of particular concern to unregistered immigrants through housing and health care.

Failure to give status to all necessary workers – without exception – is, according to Mr. Manny, “a silent way of condemning these people.”

Hundreds of unregistered migrants, refugees and migrant workers are expected to attend the parade. Buses connect from Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and other cities in the country.

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