May 22, 2022

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Attack on Capitol Hill: A second Republican who criticized Trump has joined the investigation

Attack on Capitol Hill: A second Republican who criticized Trump has joined the investigation

United States House of Representatives Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday appointed a newly elected Republican representative to the commission investigating supporters of the January 6 assassination attempt on Capitol Hill, criticizing Donald Trump.

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Among the committee members, Adam Kinzinger joined Liz Cheney, another MP from the Grand Old Party who openly opposed the former Republican president, whose work is set to begin on Tuesday.

The Illinois-elected official said on Twitter that he had “humbly accepted” the speaker’s invitation, promising to “work diligently to uncover the truth and take into account those responsible for the attack.”

House Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy has condemned the “political” appointment, saying it would “destroy the credibility of the committee”.

So in recent days on the subject of this body composition, this is a new episode in the move of weapons against Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy.

Attack on Capitol Hill: A second Republican who criticized Trump has joined the investigation

Republicans initially proposed that five elected officials from his party sit on it, but Democrats rejected two of Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters who aired conspiracy theories regarding the January 6 attack.

Kevin McCarthy has decided to withdraw a total of five MPs.

Adam Kinzinger “and other Republicans have shown an interest in working on the commission,” Nancy Pelosi said Sunday morning before the appointment was made official through a press release on the ABC channel.

“I wanted to name the three members suggested by Leader McCarthy, but he withdrew their names,” she recalled.

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In early July, Democrats had already elected, for this commission, Republican Liz Cheney, a fierce critic of Donald Trump. She and Mr Kinzinger were the only two elected members of the Conservative Party to vote in favor of the commission.

“Those responsible for this attack must be taken into account and this special commission will respond to this responsibility in a professional, expeditious and impartial manner,” Mr said.To me Cheney in a statement.

The commission, which has the power to summon witnesses and demand documents after Republicans blocked an independent investigation, approved the establishment, which was created after the September 11, 2001 attacks, until ten. Experts are elected in strictly equal parts by both parties.

Republicans have defended their decision, saying parliamentary hearings are already underway and that police work is adequate. At least 500 people have been charged in the case.